Commercial Waste and Recycling Collection

The City of Medicine Hat offers commercial waste and cardboard collection service to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers as well as multi-unit dwelling residential and apartment facilities within the community. This service is not automatic – owners must apply.

Apply for commercial collection

Bins are 1.5 or 3.0 cubic yards with a collection frequency of one to five days per week. The bin size and collection frequency is determined from the details in the application. All requests are reviewed to ensure collection is feasible for each location requesting service prior to the delivery of the bin(s).

Cardboard collection is offered in 3.0 cubic yard containerized bins and is only emptied one to two times per week depending on the needs of the business or location requesting the service.

Service rates are approved by City Council for inclusion in the Waste Bylaw #1805.

When does my commercial bin get emptied?

There should be a sticker on your City-issued commercial bin to indicate the pick up day(s). If you cannot locate a sticker or if you would like to change your pick up day, contact us.

I run a seasonal business. Can I stop collection when it is not in operation?

Yes you can! Contact us to either retrieve or lock up your commercial bin and suspend the utility account charges. When business resumes, simply call back to have the collection and charges resume.

I don't have that much garbage. Can my business have a cart instead of a bin?

Since waste carts are part of the residential automated waste collection system requiring different trucks and routes, the City does not issue waste carts to commercial businesses unless under very specific circumstances approved by management.

As a business, can I have a recycling or yard waste cart?

At this time, carts are for residential use only and are not delivered to commercial locations. We recommend that businesses contract a lawn care company to retrieve the yard waste materials from their property or self-haul to the Waste Management Facility.



Commercial/Industrial Waste Removal 
3.0 cubic yard bin (one pick up per week) $3.5442 per bin/day
1.5 cubic yard bin (one pick up per week) $1.7721 per bin/day
Extra pick up request $26.96 per bin/pickup


Commercial Cardboard (OCC) Removal 
3.0 cubic yard bin (one pick up per week) $1.09 per bin/day
3.0 cubic yard bin (two pick ups per week) $2.1800 per bin/day
Extra pick up request $20.00 per bin per pick up
Call-in basis $20.00 per bin per pick up


Rates effective as of January 1, 2024