Information for residential, commercial or industrial projects that require the demolition or removal of a building.

If your intent is to demolish an interior structure only (interior wall, ceiling, plumbing system, etc.)  visit Home Improvements or contact Planning & Development Services for relevant information.

What permits do I need?

In order to demolish or remove a building, you may need both a development permit and a demolition permit. It depends on the building and the situation. When you apply online, your answers will determine which permits are required for your situation.


Development permit not required if:
  • The building to be demolished is 10 square meters (107.6 sq. ft.) or less in area, or
  • There is no intent to move the building to a different location, or
  • The building will be replaced with a new building. However, you must apply for a development permit for the proposed new building.


Demolition permit not required if:
  • The building to be demolished is a detached residential accessory building (e.g. garage, shed), and
  • The building is 10 square meters (107.6 sq. ft.) or less in area, and
  • The building has no utility services, nor primary utility meters/connections for the residence, and
  • There are no hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos) in the construction of the building, and
  • The demolition can be completed within one day and does not create a hazard to the public.

If the above conditions do not apply to your situation, then you must obtain the required permits before proceeding with a demolition.

Other requirements
Hazardous materials report

A hazardous materials (asbestos abatement) report is required as part of a demolition permit application. It will verify that the building has been inspected to ensure there is no asbestos present, or that existing asbestos has been abated.

For more information, visit the Province of Alberta website:

Asbestos Abatement 

Utility disconnection

Determine which utilities will require disconnection. Contact each provider separately and obtain disconnect verification, including date of disconnection.

  • Electric utility 403-529-8270
  • Gas utility 403-529-8190
  • Sewer and Water utilities 403-529-8176
  • Shaw (residential customers): 1-888-472-2222
  • Shaw (business customers): 1-877-742-9249
  • Telus (residential customers): 1-888-811-2323
  • Telus (business customers): 310-3100

Line locates

Utility Safety PartnersBefore demolishing a building, find out where the utility lines are. Locates are free of charge but require three days notice.

Line locates

Contact Utility Safety Partners (formerly Alberta One-Call) to obtain:

  • Line locates ticket indicating City of Medicine Hat services (water, sewer, gas, electric), and
  • Utility locate slips from other Utility Safety Partners

Shaw line locates are only available from Shaw Communications. While recommended, the City does not require line locates for telecom companies such as Telus, Shaw or Bell.

Heritage designation

Applications for building demolition or removal will be reviewed by Planning staff to ensure that there is no impact to a designated heritage resource.

To learn more, visit:

Heritage Properties

Property assessment

If you are demolishing a detached residential garage and not replacing it with another garage, the property assessment and property taxes will be impacted. To update the property file, contact City Assessment.

Assessment and Property Taxes

How to Apply


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  • We can help you with our online application. Contact us by email or phone 403-529-8374.
  • Or visit us in person (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm):
    Planning & Development Services
    2nd floor, City Hall
    580 1st Street SE, Medicine Hat
  • Whether you apply online or in person, additional documents will be needed such as a site plan and other requirements outlined on the Demolition Permit Checklist. If you have questions about specific documents needed, for your application, we can provide guidance.
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Fees and Charges

How long will it take to approve permits?

Development permits: Timelines vary based on application type and the impact to the neighbourhood.

Demolition permits: Typically 6-10 business days, provided that an approved development permit (if required) has been released. A plan check letter will be completed by a City Safety Codes Officer and mailed to you within 15 days of the permit being issued.


A Safety Codes Officer will inspect the site on the date you provided in your application, once the demolition is complete. If the demolition date changes, please email Planning & Development Services or phone 403-529-8374 with the new date.

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