Off-Site Levies Bylaw Review

The City of Medicine Hat charges developers a levy that helps pay for the cost of the off-site infrastructure for new development or growth. Off-site levies transparently and equitably allocate off-site infrastructure capital costs to those that benefit, thus ensuring growth pays for growth. 

Project description

The Off-Site Levy (OSL) Legislation in the Municipal Government Act and the Off-Site Levy Regulations have changed. The City of Medicine Hat is thoroughly reviewing our existing Off-Site Levy bylaw to ensure compliance and best practices.

This review was commissioned by City Council in early 2020 and there has been an extensive amount of work ongoing to review existing best practices in Alberta municipalities to ensure the City is providing for development appropriately.

The project has several objectives:

  • Complete a full review and update of the City of Medicine Hat Offsite Levy (OSL) Bylaw #4157.
  • Maintain a balance amongst the City, developers, builders, taxpayers, and ratepayers in terms of their responsibilities relative to the servicing costs of development within the City.
  • Align the OSL Bylaw with the 2020 Municipal Development Plan (MDP).
  • The review is to be completed in 2022 and includes stakeholder consultation.
  • Determine the appropriate scope of the OSL Bylaw review, to ensure the new bylaw aligns with current City Bylaws and Council Priorities, Provincial Legislation and Regulations.

More details are available in the frequently asked questions page.

Frequently asked questions


The current phase of the project is stakeholder consultation identifying all information in the Data Interaction tool. Once complete, the inputs will inform the updates to the OSL Bylaw prior to presentation to City Council. We anticipate the revised bylaw will be finalized and ready for presentation to City Council no later than mid-October 2022.

Project phases
1 Initial project preparation and old bylaw review Complete
2 Stakeholder engagements and model presentations In progress
Expected completion in September 2022
3 OSL bylaw and processes review and updates October 2022
4 OSL bylaw presentation and readings at City Council November 2022
5 Final approvals and implementation of new bylaw Q2 2023


The Off-Site Levy (OSL) Legislation in the Municipal Government Act and the Off-Site Levy Regulations have changed. The Off-Site Levy review will ensure compliance and best practices. Medicine Hat's Off-site Levy Bylaw was last reviewed in 2013.

One of the benefits of having an off-site levy structure is to share the cost between those who benefit from the added infrastructure.

Data Interaction Tool

The Data Interaction Tool clearly identifies the projects, their related estimates, the cost splits between the City and developers and includes the project timings, and development staging. If there are any question or concerns regarding the information identified here, please contact the OSL Bylaw Review Project Manager identified below.

Data Interaction Tool


A final project report will be posted here. As well, an annual report following a similar format with all of the applicable information identified in the MGA and OSL Regulations will be posted on the OSL page of the City Website.

If you have any questions about this project, please direct them to the project manager:

Conrad D. Westerson CD, MPA, PEng.
Municipal Engineer
Planning and Development Services
Strategic Management & Analysis
City of Medicine Hat