Community Associations

Community associations enhance the quality of life for residents throughout Medicine Hat.

How to form a community association:

Vision, mission and values

  • Establish purpose, explanation as to why a group exists
  • Guide decisions about what group offers
  • Establish priorities for spending
  • Act as evaluation tool

Operating procedures

  • Provide for an overall understanding of how your association will operate
  • Consider establishing a board of directors if you foresees a large number of members/volunteers, or if there may be the potential for substantial fundraising

Board of directors' responsibilities and roles

  • Define the purpose/vision
  • Establish short and long term goals
  • Establish policies and bylaws (rules for governing your association)

Please note that it is required to establish a board of directors if the group decides to register as a society or charity.

  • Chair (or co-chairs)
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Other board members (members or directors)

Determine how many members to have and what their role may be. It may be helpful to define job descriptions for each role.

Naming your group

If you plan to register as a society, the name of your group will need to meet specific criteria.

  • Use a specific word such as society, association, committee
  • Use a phrase that is indicative of what the group will do
  • Use a unique word that has meaning for your group