Community Warmth

Community Warmth can help if you are struggling to pay your utility bill.


If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can access community support services and one-time emergency funding to assist with utility bills.

You may qualify for relief if you:

  • Have received a disconnect warning notice for utilities
  • Are experiencing financial issues beyond your control
  • Have not received assistance from this program in the last year
  • Are willing to complete an application

You may need to provide proof of income for all household members.

Apply for assistance

To apply, please email us or phone 403-529-8113.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance or would be in a position to donate, please direct them to the Community Warmth brochure.

Ways to donate

You can donate to the Community Warmth program one time or monthly. Tax receipts are available for donations greater than $10 per year.

Automatic payment on utility bill

Arrange for a donation of $1 or more on your monthly utility bill. To join, contact Customer Service at 403-529-8111.

Donate to Community Warmth

Bottle recycling depots

Redi Bottle Depot, Shamrock Bottle Depot and Redcliff Bottle Depot are now accepting cash donations for the program. Recycle your bottles and donate to Community Warmth!

Lump sum contribution

The Salvation Army manages the program on behalf of the City of Medicine Hat.

Make a donation to:

The Salvation Army Community Warmth Program
457 3 ST SE
Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 0G8

Frequently asked questions

What is Community Warmth? 
Community Warmth is an energy assistance program administered by The Salvation Army. Low income individuals, families and seniors unable to pay their City of Medicine Hat utility bill due to financial hardship or crisis may receive support from the program once a year.
Who benefits from this program? 
This program is available to all City of Medicine Hat utility customers who are experiencing financial issues beyond their control. Individuals, families and seniors can be provided with referrals to community support services and one-time emergency funding to assist with utility bills. 
How does someone apply for assistance? 
Requests for assistance go through The Salvation Army, located at 476 4 St SE in Fifth Avenue Memorial Church (basement, rear entrance), open Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. Phone calls can be directed to 403-548-3247.
Other programs are already available, why is the Community Warmth Program needed?
Other existing programs have strict income guidelines that disqualify many people who, because of unexpected circumstances, experience a temporary need for assistance.
Where do Community Warmth Program funds come from? 
The funding is strictly from donations made by the general public and business sectors. 
As a customer, must I contribute? 
No, contributions are on a volunteer basis. 
Is my donation tax deductible? 
Yes, income tax receipts will be issued for donations greater than $10 per year. If you donate through your utility statement, or directly to the Salvation Army, an annual income tax receipt will be mailed to you. 
How do I know that the money is actually being used to help people with their utility bills? 
The Salvation Army maintains a designated tracking system for Community Warmth contributions and the distribution of those funds for utility bills. 
Is there a minimum donation I have to make? 
No. A donation of any size in $1 increments is available. 
What is the City of Medicine Hat’s role in this program? 
We provide a convenient, cost effective mechanism in which customers can donate money to the program by having a dollar amount added to utility bills. You can donate in monthly $1 increments through this method. 
Does the City of Medicine Hat keep these donations? 
No. All donations are remitted to The Salvation Army.