Line Locates

Utility Safety Partners (formerly Alberta One Call)

If you are planning to dig or disturb the ground in any way, it is important to find out what is buried below ground. You must submit a locate request. It is the law to protect your safety and the safety of others.

For your convenience, all city utilities including gas, electric, water and sewer are located with just one call to 1-800-242-3447.

Request a locate online

  • You must submit your request at least three full working days before you intend to dig.
  • Locate markings like paint, flags, etc. are valid for a maximum of 30 calendar days unless otherwise stated by owner/operator. If flags and markings are no longer visible, a new locate is required before the work can take place.

When to call

Some examples of ground disturbances include but are not limited to:

  • removal of soil
  • pounding or drilling fence posts
  • trenching
  • tree planting
  • digging out an area for a garden
  • blasting
  • auguring
  • tunnelling
  • levelling

Consequences can include potential injury and harm to yourself and others, environmental harm, costly damages to home, property, equipment and enforcement penalties.

Telecommunications locates

Medicine Hat is served largely by two different telecommunications providers: Telus and Shaw. To request line locates for telecoms, please call:

  • Telus (through Utility Safety Partners): 1-800-242-3447
  • Shaw: 1-866-344-7429 or

Irrigation locates

Contractors conducting work on public property like boulevards or parks are required to have city-owned sprinklers and sprinkler lines located. Call 403-529-8333 to arrange for Parks and Recreation staff to attend.

What does the coloured marking mean?
  • White: proposed excavation
  • Pink: temporary survey marks
  • Red: electrical
  • Yellow: gas, oil, steam
  • Orange: telecommunications
  • Blue: potable water
  • Green: sanitary and storm sewer
  • Purple: reclaimed water, irrigation

For more information: