Smoking and Vaping

The City of Medicine Hat’s Outdoor Smoking and Vaping Bylaw regulates where smoking is permitted in public places: this includes tobacco, vaping, and cannabis. Whether you are smoking cannabis for recreational or for medical purposes, everyone is expected to respect the same rules for where you can smoke. Private property owners may establish additional smoking restrictions on their own properties.

Where can you smoke and vape in Medicine Hat?

Your home
Yes, in your home and yard. It’s important to know, however, that property owners, landlords, condo boards, and rental companies can further restrict the smoking and growing of cannabis on their properties and common areas. 
Public spaces

Yes, in some public spaces in Medicine Hat:

  • parking lots
  • campgrounds
  • golf courses
  • roadways
  • sidewalks
  • private residential properties

No, when the outdoor space contains:

  • a grandstand
  • a playground
  • a park (including public trails)
  • a sport field or court
  • a skate park or bike park
  • an outdoor pool or water spray park
  • a seasonal skating rink
  • a festival or event (unless in designated areas of the event)
Yes, on sidewalks in Medicine Hat, as long as you are not within 5 meters from a bus stop or the doorway, window or air intake of a building or patio. 
Festivals and events
Yes, at some festivals and public events, but only in designated areas. Signage will indicate the locations of designated areas, if they are provided. Please check the event or festival’s website for more information about their designated smoking areas. 

The Federal Government of Canada does not directly dictate provincial restrictions for smoking and vaping. However, it does set a national framework for regulating tobacco and vaping products through laws such as the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA). This federal framework establishes a baseline for regulations, which provinces and territories can build upon with their own legislation.


In Alberta the following rules apply to smoking and vaping:

The minimum age to purchase smoking and vaping products is 18 years old.

The Alberta Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act bans smoking and vaping in most indoor public spaces and workplaces, including:

• Restaurants
• Bars
• Casinos
• within 5 meters of doors, windows, and air intakes of public buildings
• within 5 meters of public transit
• in vehicles with minors.

Municipalities have the authority to impose additional restrictions on smoking and vaping in outdoor spaces, such as parks and patios.