Freedom of Information

The City of Medicine Hat proactively discloses a wide range of information through our website. In addition to this, some information is directly available by application to the respective departments, and do not require a Freedom of Information (FOIP) request.

Building and property information

A compliance certificate is a report from the City of Medicine Hat confirming that all buildings and structures on a property have met the regulations under the Land Use Bylaw and have appropriate Development Permits.

A zoning certificate states the zoning (land use) district of a subject property and whether the existing structures are permitted or discretionary uses.

A permit search lists any outstanding development permits, building permits or trades permits.

A property card is commonly requested by realtors and lawyers during a purchase or sale of a property, but anyone can apply and receive a property card. It provides information on work done to a property within the City of Medicine Hat, the scope of work, types of permits and the result of safety codes inspections.

An environmental compliance certificate may be issued showing general environmental information or Alberta environmental approvals related to a property.

To apply for any of the services above, contact the Planning and Development department.

Above ground tanks and spill/contamination information

A report can be purchased through the Medicine Hat Fire Marshall.

Scott Hanelt
Fire Marshall, Fire Services
Phone: 403-529-8283

Police and bylaw enforcement records

Requests can be sent to the Medicine Hat Police Services FOIP Coordinator.

Phone: 403-529-8400
Fax: 403-529-8444

Submit a FOIP request

If you are looking for information that is not on our website or available to purchase, please submit a FOIP request. Personal information on this form is collected under Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used to respond to your request.

Cheques shall be made payable to City of Medicine Hat. Once payment is received, the FOIP request will be processed.  

FOIP request form  FOIP request to correct personal information form