2021 Stimulus Projects

Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP)

The Municipal Stimulus Program was announced in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program was designed to stimulate the economy through job growth and red tape reduction. Funding was allocated per capita, providing the City of Medicine Hat with a maximum contribution of $7.5 million.

Eligibility required no future burden on tax rates, construction commencement by 2021, and expending all grant funds by December 31, 2021, except where a project extension has been granted by government officials. 

The City submitted five projects for approval focusing on projects that will aid in future tourism and recreation, leverage existing user group relations, and enhance City assets. The City of Medicine Hat received approval to proceed with the projects as submitted.

Gas City Campground Construction

The Gas City Campground converted 15-20 previously unserviced sites to full service and added two comfort camping, cabin-style sites as a unique service offering for tourists and campers.


Multi-Use Trail Development and Extension

South SK River – from Gas City Campground to Echo Dale Regional Park.

Phase one of the trail system was completed in 2020, and the remaining phases were completed under the Municipal Stimulus Program, adding between 15-20 km of trails. This project will increase tourism and act as a catalyst for camping, private accommodations, and visits to local attractions. A local volunteer group is under agreement with the City to monitor and maintain the condition of the trails.

South Railway – from South Railway / Kingsway to Downtown

This portion of the trail system connects Kin Coulee, Downtown, and the Lion's Park trail network for pedestrians and cyclists.


Multi-Court Pickleball Facility

Pickleball is rapidly growing in popularity with enthusiasts of all ages. Community members have approached the City to provide a 20-court outdoor pickleball facility to host both local play and tournaments. The local pickleball club will operate the venue.


Towne Square

Redevelopment of 603 1st Street SE and Riverside Veterans' Memorial Park

603 1st St SE is developed as both a much-needed parking lot and a clean, safe and accessible outdoor event space that further enhances access to the waterfront (“Towne Square”). The project includes engineering and design, re-paving, fencing, a solar canopy, signage, and overall improvement to aesthetics of the area.


BMX Track Upgrades

This project allows the city to host provincial and national competitions to benefit regional tourism. This project raised the starting gate of the existing BMX track to regulation height and addresses the necessary track improvements to compete on a national stage. The local BMX club will maintain the track.


Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

Dark Blue Logo saying Investing in Canada #BuildBackBetterIn 2020, the federal government announced the new COVID-19 Resilience funding stream under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

The federal and provincial government adjusted previous ICIP parameters in response to COVID 19, allowing municipalities to choose whether to continue to use their approved funding for eligible projects under the original Public Transit Stream, or to reallocate for projects that would stimulate local construction and support economic recovery from the pandemic.

The City of Medicine Hat chose to reallocate $10.9 million of the eligible $13.4 million ICIP funds towards COVID-19 Resilience Stream. In October 2020, City Council approved 13 projects for submission and the City is pleased to announce that the funding for all of the stimulus projects is confirmed. 

Addition to 533 1 St SE Municipal Office

The project involves a ground level single-story addition to the building to support long-term consolidation of City facilities. The added municipal office space will allow the City to then reduce the amount of leased office space currently required for municipal services, prompting annual cost savings. 

Grant Funding: $1,600,000 | Total Project Cost: $2,150,000

Athletic Ball Park Upgrades

A vibrant sports entertainment atmosphere is important to Medicine Hat residents, and the Athletic Park ball diamond, home to the Western Canadian Baseball League's Medicine Hat Mavericks, received upgrades for a safe, enjoyable and positive customer experience. The project included the addition of a shade canopy, seating, and fencing, along with upgrades to the gate system, technology, and ticket office.

Grant Funding: $2,240,000 | Total Project Cost: $3,050,000

Echo Dale Park Improvements

The Echo Dale Park Improvements project will increase the overall tree canopy in Medicine Hat by approximately 120 tree species, providing a cooling effect for the community enjoyment of recreational activities, and enhancing the habitat and ecological health of the area. The project supports economic growth with infrastructure that supports a healthy community through expanding recreational opportunities like RV camping.

Grant Funding: $320,000 | Total Project Cost: $440,000

Echo Dale Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Repairs and upgrades to the current water treatment plant in Echo Dale Regional Park will ensure longevity and assured quality in recreational swimming, non-motorized boating, open space utilization, interpretive programming, and irrigation to the park turf and trees.

Grant Funding: $240,000 | Total Project Cost: $340,000

Fire and Security Alarms

For the safety of our staff and patrons, the fire alarms at the Gas City Campground and the Gas City Kiwanis Centre were replaced and upgraded, as they were identified at being near the end of their useful life cycle.

Grant Funding: $60,000 | Total Project Cost: $95,000

Hot Water Tanks

Renewing aging infrastructure ensures the City's asset portfolio remains vital and strong. Through the ICIP Resilience program, three water tanks at the Big Marble Go Centre and two units at the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre were replaced.

Grant Funding: $60,000 | Total Project Cost: $75,000

Mobile Channel for City Services

The pandemic highlighted a need to move to remote service delivery, and a mobile channel suitable for the delivery of city services online expands the ways in which residents can interact with the municipality safely.

Grant Funding: $400,000 | Total Project Cost: $500,000

Pedestrian and Cycling Trail Development and Rehabilitation and Boat Launch

The trail network in Medicine Hat provides a safe, alternative method of transportation that the public may use for overall fitness, health and well-being. New trail (4.8 km) along Carry Drive SE provides a vital link for active transportation users from the far south and east portions of Medicine Hat to the City's Strathcona Park trail network. Rehabilitation to more than 2.6 km of trails enhances inclusiveness, accessibility and active transportation at key destinations and high use areas of the city.

This project also included the development of a boat launch on the north side of the South Saskatchewan River. This access point, located near Fire Station #1 will provide Fire and Emergency Services easier and rapid access to the river to conduct rescue operations. The public will also have access to launch various watercrafts, including kayaks, paddleboards and non-motorized boats safely onto the river.

Grant Funding: $1,080,000 | Total Project Cost: $1,380,000

Pedestrian Bridge Deck Repair

The pedestrian bridges in Medicine Hat provide vital continuity in our pedestrian/cycling network and ensuring safe conditions extends the life of the asset for our residents.

Grant Funding: $2,560,000 | Total Project Cost: $3,300,000

Rooftop Replacement and Repair

Renewing existing infrastructure is integral to extending the useful life of the City's asset portfolio. Four city facilities received new, upgraded roofs, including the Fleet/Transit shop, the Medicine Hat Regional Airport Terminal, the Medicine Hat Tennis Club, and the Parks and Recreation shop and storage sheds.

Grant Funding: $600,000 | Total Project Cost: $750,000

Rooftop Units

Effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are necessary for general building health and a satisfactory customer experience. The Big Marble Go Centre received three new mounted roof top units and two interior air-handling units for climate control in the 12,000 square-metre facility. At the Medicine Hat Police Station, one make-up air unit that removes carbon dioxide and other vehicle exhaust were replaced.

Grant Funding: $424,000 | Total Project Cost: $530,000

Sidewalk Development and Rehabilitation

To help address gaps in the current pedestrian network and improve public safety, various sidewalks throughout Medicine Hat received repairs to level, resurface or replace existing walkways. Areas involved include Harlow, River Heights, Southeast Hill and Southwest Hill, North Flats and several arterial and collector road locations.

Grant Funding: $800,635 | Total Project Cost: $1,000,794

Technology Upgrades for Medicine Hat Transit

Computer Aided Dispatch Upgrade

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology gives travelers citywide visibility and route/schedule adjustments in real-time on their mobile journey-planning app so they can plan their trips, time their arrival and avoid unnecessary risk or inconvenience.

Grant Funding: $200,000 | Total Project Cost: $250,000

Electronic Fare Collection System

A new electronic fare collection system avoids cash handling and transfer/ticket handling by allowing contactless payments, and is accessible from any internet-connected device meaning controllers and dispatchers can still run the transit system without being physically present on the company premises.

Grant Funding: $360,000 | Total Project Cost: $450,000

ICIP Grant Funding Total: $10,944,635

Total Project Costs: $14,310,794