3 St SE Downtown Utility and Surface Upgrades

Project Description

We're upgrading downtown’s water and sewer systems, originally installed back in the early 1900s. Our goal is to ensure a reliable and future-proof utility network along 3 Street SE.

Map of construction zone

This upgrade will span the 500 and 600 blocks between 5 Avenue SE and South Railway Street SE, and the 200 block of 6 Avenue SE between 2 and 3 Streets SE.

The City will benefit from improvements including enhanced sanitary sewer mains, water mains, storm systems, and utility services that connect to your property. We're also enhancing the sidewalks, adding new street furniture, planters, as well as trees and signage.

Looking forward, we're planning a similar rehabilitation for 6 Avenue SE between 3 and 4 Streets SE in 2025.

What's happening

We are in the pre-construction phase. Road construction will begin in April 2024, weather pending.

  • Preliminary design - complete
  • Stakeholder engagement and feedback - underway
  • Detailed design - late 2023
  • Tendering - early 2024


water pipes iconWater and sewer improvements

The water and sewer systems are vital for downtown, but our current infrastructure is outdated and beyond its expected lifespan, dating back to the early 1900s.

This project aims to replace these old pipes and make provisions for a future secondary water supply to the north River Flats neighborhood. It involves the renewal and enhancement of the sanitary sewer main, water main, storm drainage system, and the utility services that connect directly to your property.

road iconStreet improvements

The street improvements being completed along 3rd Street include sidewalk enhancements, street furniture, planters, trees, and improved signage. 



Construction is scheduled in two phases:
Phase 1 3 St SE (5th Ave to South Railway St) and 6 Ave SE (2 St to 3 St) 2024
Phase 2 6 Ave SE (3 St SE to 4 St SE) - pending future budget approval 2025

(pending budget approval)

How this project may affect you

home iconAccess to businesses and residences

3rd Street is OPEN! Access to businesses on 3rd Street will be maintained during their regular operating hours throughout the duration of the construction.

parking iconParking

Street parking along 3 Street will be impacted. Complimentary spots at Towne Square (503 1 Street) and the 3rd level Transit Parkade will be available for businesses and their customers.

car iconTraffic

Please watch for detour signage to ensure safety for all users.

water iconWater supply

We’ll provide advance notice (7-14 days) of any disruption to your water supply, except in an emergency. 


Business Resources

bell iconLetters and notifications

computer iconDigital Toolkit

We’re working on developing a digital toolkit to help your business advertise that you, along with your neighboring businesses on 3rd Street, are open during construction.

Toolkit will be available in March 2024.

contact iconContacts


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Questions or concerns? Email: threestreetdowntown@medicinehat.ca