7 Street NW and Altawana Drive Deep Utility Replacement

Aging cast iron water mains and clay sanitary mains at the top of Altawana Drive NE are being replaced with new PVC pipe this year.

Overhead map of work zone

Project status
Phase 1 Intersection of 7 Street NW and Altawana Drive, including the closure of Altawana Drive hill Begins May 13
Expected completion July 14
Phase 2 7 Street NW from Altawana Drive to Tweed Avenue NW Begins July 15
Phase 3 7 Street NW from Tweed Avenue NW to McCutcheon Drive NW Immediately following Phase 2
  Project completion Expected Fall 2024

Timing and traffic accommodation

Beginning May 13, 2024, this project is expected to conclude in the fall of 2024. 

Altawana Drive hill will close on May 13 and is planned to reopen mid-July. Traffic travelling northbound over the Maple Avenue Bridge will detour onto Parkview Drive NE to 12 Street NE. 

Detour map

To keep traffic running smoothly with increased travel on 12 Street NE, flag personnel will direct motorists at the intersection of Parkview Drive and 12 Street NE, while a temporary four-way stop will be installed at the intersection of 7 Avenue NE and 12 Street NE. 

Medicine Hat Transit

Transit routes 10 and 11 in Crescent Heights will be modified according to the detour with the new loops taking roughly 45 minutes instead of the regular 30 minutes. Passengers are asked to plan ahead and allow for extra time. Track the location of your bus in real time online at myride.mhtransit.ca.

Go to the Transit page for more details


This $4 million project  renews the infrastructure along 7 Street NW to ensure reliable water delivery and sanitary sewer service for years to come. 

Along with replacing aging pipe, crews will also realign a section of sanitary sewer pipe from under the lane to under the roadway (7 Street NW). This will reduce disruption and allow more efficient and cost-effective repairs when required in the future.

The project also includes the trenchless installation of a steel casing for the water line underneath the existing stone retaining wall along Altawana Drive.

Excavation is expected to be over seven meters deep in places but crews will also employ trenchless technology designed to reduce installation cost and the impact to the neighbourhood. 

Strategic collaboration 

Two other City departments will coordinate efforts to take advantage of synergies presented during the deep utility replacement.

  • Road overlay: Since traffic on Altawana Drive NE must be redirected at the bottom of the hill to avoid the work area at the top, crews will mill and repave the hill while the road is closed, reducing the need for further disruption in the future.
  • Low pressure gas line renewal: While the road is excavated, gas distribution crews will replace the low pressure gas line on 7 Street NW.


All directly impacted residents and businesses will be notified of construction activities and any related localized outages to their utility systems.

Future updates will be provided here, and on the City’s social media channels.