The Administrative Committee is comprised of the administrative heads of the City organization and approves qualified tenders, authorizes initiation of legal proceedings more than $50,000, recommends policies and programs, and directs the preparation of operating and capital budgets and long-range forecasts for presentation to Council.

Linnsie Clark, Mayor
Linnsie Clark

Phone: 403-529-8181
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Glenn Feltham, Interim City Manager
Glenn Feltham

Interim City Manager
Phone: 403-529-8222
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Dennis Egert, Corporate Services Managing Director
Dennis Egert

Managing Director
Corporate Services
Phone: 403-529-8228
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Brad Maynes, Energy & Infrastructure Managing Director
Brad Maynes

Managing Director
Energy & Infrastructure
Phone: 403-529-8353
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Brian Mastel, Public Services Managing Director
Brian Mastel

Managing Director
Public Services
Phone: 403-529-8230
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Rochelle Pancoast, Strategic Management & Analysis Managing Director
Rochelle Pancoast

Managing Director
Strategic Management & Analysis
Phone: 403-529-8288
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Benjamin Bullock, City Solicitor
Benjamin Bullock

City Solicitor
Phone: 403-529-8303
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Arlene Karbashewski, City Clerk
Arlene Karbashewski

City Clerk
Phone: 403-529-8234
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