Administration is responsible for executing on City Council’s strategic priorities. They provide information, support, and advice to City Council on all matters related to City of Medicine Hat operations.

Ann Mitchell
Ann Mitchell

City Manager

Phone: 403-529-8222
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Dennis Egert, Corporate Services Managing Director
Dennis Egert

Managing Director
Corporate Services

Phone: 403-529-8228
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Pat Bohan, Development and Infrastructure Managing Director
Pat Bohan

Managing Director
Development and Infrastructure

Phone: 403-529-8107
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Rochelle Pancoast, Energy, Land and Environment Managing Director
Rochelle Pancoast

Managing Director
Energy, Land and Environment

Phone: 403-529-8353
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Brian Stauth, Public Services Managing Director
Brian Stauth

Managing Director
Public Services

Phone: 403-529-8230
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Benjamin Bullock, City Solicitor
Benjamin Bullock

City Solicitor

Phone: 403-529-8303
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Larry Randle, City Clerk
Larry Randle

City Clerk

Phone: 403-529-8280
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