Applications, Licenses and Permits

The City of Medicine Hat has a number of licenses and permits available.

Animal services

Pet licenses

Building and renovating

Building permits

Development permits

Homeowner trade permits

Trade permits


Business license


Construction and development

Building permits

Cellular towers

Development permits

Electric installation

Gas installation

Trade permits

Fire Service

Backyard fire pit permit application form

Dangerous goods permit application form

Fireworks and pyrotechnic permit application form

Install, remove or alter storage tank application form

Open air burning permit application form

Property search request application form

Special events permit application form

Storage tank system operating permit application form

Land use, zoning, and subdivisions

Rezoning land

Subdivision development

Local improvements

Local improvements petition information package

Special events and festival planning

Special events and festival planning page

Parks and recreation

Timber collection permit

Persons who wish to collect timber from City-owned land must first apply for and obtain a Timber Collection Permit (TCP).  A Timber Collection Permit grants the holder a temporary, revocable, authorization to collect and remove a limited amount of previously cut timber from designated areas on City-owned land.

Vehicle access permit

Permit approves vehicle access on land owned by City of Medicine Hat Parks and Recreation and is subject to the parks and recreational areas Bylaw No. 2527.

Roads and traffic

Parking passes: Downtown

Parking passes: Residential

Parking tickets

Temporary road closure

Vehicle access permit

Tax and utilities

Automatic bank withdrawal change form

Automatic bank withdrawal form

Business sign-off form

Business sign-on form

Business transfer form

Community Warmth donation form

Corporate school support declaration form

Declaration of site built and manufactured home ownership

Gas service application form

Residential electric service application form

Fixed or variable energy contracts form

Manufactured home community monthly ownership change form

Microgeneration application form

New utilities service application form

Owner's Release Form

Property tax update contact information form

Release of Information

Residential school support declaration form

Residential sign-off form

Residential sign-on form

Residential transfer form

Tax installment payment plan bank information change form

Tax installment payment plan pre-authorization form

Temporary electric service application form