Division Avenue South Rehabilitation

Project Description

division ave map of areaDivision Avenue South serves as crucial arterial road that serves a substantial residential area, with up to 10,000 vehicles using it each day.

The section of the road between 3rd Street SE and 12th Street SE is in poor condition, with significant cracking and damage to the pavement. This requires the road surface be completely removed and replaced.

During this necessary reconstruction, the City plans to upgrade and improve this stretch of road. The new design will follow the principles of complete streets, which means it will be made accessible and usable for all types of transportation, and for people of all ages and abilities.

This project encompasses several enhancements:

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Pavement Renewal: This infrastructure rehabilitation project is an important part of the City’s asset management strategy, which is aimed at providing a safe environment and high quality of life to residents, while supporting economic development.

Underground Utilities: We're upgrading the pipes and cables under the road, bringing them up to the latest standards and regulations. 

Complete Streets* Design: We're updating road crossings to fit with the ‘Complete Streets’ principles. This means roads will be safer and easier for everyone, whether you're walking, biking, driving, or taking the bus.

Continuous Pathways at Crossings: We're creating uninterrupted walkways at intersections, making it safer for everyone who uses the multi-use pathway (MUP).

Safer Intersections: We're changing the design of intersections to slow down traffic, making it safer for people of all ages and abilities to cross the street.

Traffic Lights: We're making changes to intersections with traffic lights and upgrading crosswalk lights.

Landscaping: We’re adding greenery and aesthetically pleasing landscaping to make the area look and feel better.

Project Phases 

Phase 1

Preliminary design

See attached PDF

Phase 2 Tendering Early 2024
Phase 3 Construction: 3rd Street SE to 12th Street SE Early 2024
Phase 4 Project Completion Expected timeframe - Late Fall 2024

Timing and Traffic Accommodations

Detailed project schedule, construction staging, and traffic accommodation plans will be available after the contract is awarded. 


Upon completion, this project will provide a renewed pavement surface, upgraded corridor based on the principles of ‘Complete Streets’—a progressive approach meant for everyone. Complete Streets are designed to build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable community. By equally accommodating all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, Complete Streets ensure safer travel for everyone and encourage healthier lifestyles through increased walking and cycling.

Additionally, this approach is instrumental in reducing environmental impact by cutting down vehicle emissions and boosting local economies by enhancing accessibility to businesses and services. More than just a transportation upgrade, Complete Streets are a commitment to strengthening community bonds, beautifying urban landscapes, easing traffic flow, and providing a variety of transportation choices. This is not just a road redesign; it's a step towards a more connected, resilient, and vibrant community.


All directly impacted residents and businesses will be notified of construction affecting them and be offered the opportunity to provide feedback and how the City can best support them through construction.

Future updates will be provided here, by public advisories, and on the City’s social media channels.



*What is a 'Complete Street'?

Complete Streets are for everyone.

Complete Streets is an approach to planning, designing, building, operating, and maintaining streets that enables safe access for all people who need to use them, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

Learn more at Complete Streets for Canada.

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