Forms Library

Please note, this online library is a work in progress for City forms and applications. More will be added as they are transitioned from previous PDF and DOC versions.

Accounts Payable
Electronic funds transfer (EFT) registration form
Backflow Prevention
Commercial Backflow Preventer Registered Tester Application
Business & Development

Business license application form

Municipal facility and street naming application

Committees, Commissions & Boards

Committees, commissions, boards and working groups application form


Community Vibrancy grant application form

Fair Entry Application form

Lighting For a Cause

Fire Service

Dangerous goods permit application form

Fireworks and pyrotechnic permit application form

Install, remove or alter storage tank application form

Open Air Burning Permit application form

Property Search Request application form

Special events (Fire Service) permit application form

Storage tank system operating permit application form

Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

Commercial solid waste collection service request form

Sanitary landfill application

Yard waste request form

Mayor, City Council & Government

Congratulatory certificate from Mayor request form

FOIP request to access information

FOIP request to correct personal information form

Meeting with Mayor request form

Proclamation from Mayor request form

Request to correct personal information

Subdivision and development appeal form

Media inquiry form
Parks & Recreation

Adopt-a-Rink volunteer form

Joint use application form

Memorial arboretum donation form

Mobile concession business operator permit application form

Parks furniture sponsorship form

Public tree decorating application

Special event and festival permit application form

Timber collection permit application form

Tree removal request form

Vehicle access permit

Roads, Parking & Transportation

Driveway and private sidewalk restoration reimbursement application form

High load request

Installation of on-street accessible parking stall application form

Residential parking permit application form

Parking Zone Application

Tax & Utilities

Automatic bank withdrawal change form

Automatic bank withdrawal form

Business sign-off form

Business sign-on form

Business transfer form

Community Warmth donation form

Corporate school support declaration form

Declaration of site built and manufactured home ownership

Gas service application form

Residential electric service application form

Fixed rate application form

Manufactured home community monthly ownership change form

Microgeneration application form

New utilities service application form

Owner's Release Form

Property tax credit option request form

Property tax update contact information form

Release of Information

Residential school support declaration form

Residential sign-off form

Residential sign-on form

Residential transfer form

Tax installment payment plan bank information change form

Tax installment payment plan pre-authorization form

Temporary electric service application form