Grants and Funding

The City of Medicine Hat offers the following grant opportunities:

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Community Vibrancy Grant

To promote vibrancy, energy, enthusiasm in our community.

Apply Now

Applications are now being accepted until March 31, 2023 at 3 p.m. 

The City of Medicine Hat values community activities and projects because they bolster community spirit, emphasize opportunities that contribute to quality of life and enhance a sense of belonging to the community. This is especially important today due to the on-going changes in our community related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the Community Vibrancy Grant is to provide funding for projects that support one or more of the following objectives:

  • promote vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm in the community of Medicine Hat
  • emphasize the community and celebrate living in Medicine Hat
  • promote recreation, leisure, social, arts, cultural or opportunities vital to the well-being and quality of life in Medicine Hat 
  • promote a sense of belonging in the community.

Please read the guidelines to ensure that your project fits with the criteria. If after you are still uncertain if your project is eligible, please contact the Community Vibrancy Grant Administrator at 403-529-8316 for assistance.

Guidelines, criteria and deadline

I. Application deadline

The deadline for applications is Friday, March 31 at 3 p.m. Late applications will not be considered. Only application forms completed in full will be accepted. 

II. Grant amount
Minimum and maximum amounts have not been established for individual grants. 
III. Application procedures

All applicants must submit a completed Community Vibrancy Grant application.

  • access and complete the application form available at
  • ensure that you complete the entire application form and attach all relevant documents as noted
  • if applicable, ensure that applications have been signed by two people, the person completing the application on behalf of the organization and the Board President or Chair
  • ensure that you save a copy of your completed application form and a copy of these guidelines for your records
  • applications consisting of more than 12 pages will not be considered. 

Please note, no handwritten applications or reports will be accepted.

IV. Eligibility criteria

Please read the following section carefully. Applications for a Community Vibrancy Grant must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

Projects must:

  • reflect the spirit of City Council’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026
  • take place within the City of Medicine Hat limits/boundaries
  • support one or more of the following objectives:
    • promote vibrancy, energy, and enthusiasm in the community of Medicine Hat
    • contributes to quality of life
    • enhances or promotes a sense of belonging to the community 
    • create increased knowledge of community
    • deepen awareness of opportunities and challenges, and the factors that impact change
    • increase appreciation for the community 
    • generate interest for residents to get more actively involved in their community 

 Applications must:

  • identify the initiative’s anticipated deliverables and outcomes
  • be made by individuals, organizations or groups of individuals and organizations, who live in or around Medicine Hat
  • provide a budget statement of projected expenses and revenue, including any projected shortfall of funds
  • describe any community partnerships and/or funds secured from other organizations/individuals
  • be not-for-profit in nature

Applications must not:

  • involve the recruitment of permanent staff
  • involve major capital expenditures ($500 maximum)
  • involve activities for the purposes of fundraising for other causes
V. Evaluation

Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • clearly describe alignment with the Community Vibrancy Grant’s objectives and Council's Strategic plan, including anticipated deliverables and outcomes
  • have the potential to impact a large number of local residents in a positive, worthwhile and meaningful manner
  • allow for active or passive participation at little or no cost to local residents
  • provide opportunities that are inclusive and accessible to all
  • promote volunteerism and build capacity in the community
  • include opportunities for partnerships with community organizations and local businesses

Please see rubric attached to the application form for more evaluation details. 

VI. Grant allocation
  • 100% of the amount once approved by City Council
VII. Grant administration
  • grant application intake process will be managed by the Community Development Department
  • grant applications will be reviewed by a panel made up of members of the Community Vibrancy Advisory Board and one staff member from each of the following:
    • Community Development department
    • Parks and Recreation department
  • applicants may be asked to make a project presentation to the selection committee
  • the Community Vibrancy Advisory Board will make recommendations to City Council through Public Services Committee for the distribution of the grant funding
  • grant agreements and funding disbursement will be administered by the Community Development Department
VIII. Conditions of funding
  • use the funds for the purpose for which they were requested
  • be responsible for the planning and execution of the proposed project
  • if the project cannot be completed as described in the application, the City must be notified as soon as possible to discuss return of funds
  • maintain separate accounting for the proposed project
  • acknowledge the support of the City of Medicine Hat in the promotion of the approved project
  • submit a final report evaluation, and a financial statement to the City of Medicine Hat within 60 days of the event/project completion for each year of your grant 
    • the final report documents to be completed are available at 
    • ensure the final financial summary shows the actual revenue and expenses

View Guidelines and Criteria (PDF) 

2023 Information Session Presentation (PDF)

Community Vibrancy Grant application

Completed support materials can be submitted by emailing to Bonnie at

For more information, contact:

Community Vibrancy Grant Administrator
Community Development, City of Medicine Hat
Phone: (403) 529-8316


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Family and Community Support Services Grants

 To support preventive social initiatives, projects, and services that enhance the social well-being of individuals, families, and the community. 

2023 Application Coming Soon!

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a unique 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta and participating municipalities or Métis Settlements. The combined funding is used to support preventive social initiatives, projects, and services that enhance the social well-being of individuals, families, and/or the community.

View our FCSS grant brochure

Legislative requirements

An FCSS municipality must ensure that local initiatives, processes, or services meet all the requirements set out in the FCSS Act. In particular, the Act requires that FCSS supports social initiatives that are preventive and that they enhance the social well-being of individuals and families through promotion or intervention strategies provided at the earliest opportunity.

Medicine Hat Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) awarded $1,721,450 funding from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023 to support external projects/programs within the community.

Funded Projects
AgencyProject or programAmount funded (2-year total)
Kerby Assembly Senior Centre Programming and Supports $1,047,296
Medicine Hat Family Service Short term Counseling and Family Life Education $304,300
Bridges Family Services FASD Connection Collaborator $138,300
Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Musasa House – Family Violence Prevention supports $110,000
Community Food Connections Association of SE Alberta Food Security Coordinator $83,824
LEARN Community Adult Learning Council  Imagination Alive! project $24,500
Junior Achievement Southern Alberta Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness Programs in Medicine Hat Youth $13,230



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New in 2023! Community Microgrants

To foster connections in the community through neighbourhood or community gatherings and activities.

2023 Application coming soon!

The City of Medicine Hat is excited to introduce Community Microgrants of up to $500 available in two different funding categories: Community Connection and Arts, Culture & Heritage. 

The microgrants are intended to foster connections in the community through gatherings and activities, with a variety of focuses. It is our hope that through the establishment of this grant stream, that residents and neighborhoods organize activities and events that help people feel a strong sense of community and connection with the people in their community and/or neighborhood.

Grant intake is ongoing and applicants are encouraged to apply for funding at any time throughout the year. Grants received will be given notice of their application status within 30 days of submission. Grant intake will close for the year when the total funding is allocated.

I. Grant Amount

Total microgrant dollars available each year is $10,000 for EACH of the two funding categories.

II. Eligibility criteria

Please read the following section carefully. Applications for a Community Microgrants must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

Eligible Events must:

  • foster respect and celebrate diversity, such as multicultural fashion shows or culture days, storytelling projects that involve aging adults and youth, cultural dance performance, etc.
  • build relationships and opportunities for neighbors to connect, such as build a free library, host a movie night in a local park or backyard, host a ‘meet the neighbors’ event, etc.
  • offer the sharing of residents’ skills and knowledge, such as host a free yoga session, host a community kitchen, host a bird house building challenge, host a ‘bake off challenge’ for all the youth in your neighborhood, etc.
  • foster neighborhood and/or community pride, such as historical neighborhood tours, community clean-up activities, neighborhood beautification projects, host a free neighborhood garage sale, etc.