Information for Municipal Candidates

To become a municipal candidate you must be:

  1. at least 18 years of age on nomination day,
  2. a Canadian citizen,
  3. a resident of the local jurisdiction for the 6 consecutive months preceding nomination day, which is September 20, 2020 s.21 Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA).

You can only run for one office (i.e. Mayor or Councillor, not both) s.23 LAEA. See s. 22 LAEA for other circumstances that may pertain to your qualification as a municipal candidate.

You are not eligible to become a candidate in any election under any of the following circumstances (s.22 LAEA):

  • if you are the auditor of the local jurisdiction or if you are a municipal or school board employee, unless you take the entitled leave of absence
  • if your property taxes are more than $50 in arrears or you are in default, for more than 90 days, for any other debt in excess of $500 to the municipality
  • if you have, within the previous 10 years, been convicted of an offense under the Local Authorities Election Act, the Election Act or the Canada Elections Act if you are a judge, member of parliament, senator, or member of the legislative assembly, you must resign that position before you take office as a member of Council

There may be other circumstances that prevent you from running for office. Please refer to the full text of s. 22 LAEA.

Federal employees
Before a federal public servant employee can seek nomination as a candidate in a municipal election he/she must request and obtain permission from the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) to do so. For further information please contact the PSC directly or refer to the Public Service Employment Act.
Municipal employees

A person who is an employee of a municipality and who wishes to be nominated as a candidate for an election to be held for that respective municipality is entitled to take a leave of absence without pay. An employee may notify the municipality on or after July 1 that they are taking a leave of absence without pay.

It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure they meet the requirements of eligibility, and it is an offence to make a false statement on your nomination form. After noon on nomination day, anyone can view your form at the City Clerk department.

Key Resources to Understand Municipal Operations

In order for municipal candidates to have equal opportunity to information, the City provides direct access to information through our website, rather than through City staff. The key resources page links to a variety of resources that can help candidates learn more about City of Medicine Hat operations; from long-term strategic planning resources, to recent updates on projects and initiatives.

Key Resources

Nomination Package

Please fill out the forms in full and return to City Hall.

Municipal Nomination Package

2021 Committee and Council Meeting Calendar

Campaign Management

It is each candidate's responsibility to familiarize themselves and follow the campaign financing rules: s.147.1 of the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA).

The campaign period (the time in which you can accept contributions and incur campaign expenses) is January 1 to December 31 2021. You must file your nomination papers before you accept contributions or incur expenses during this period.

Campaign Information