Mayor, City Council and Administration

City Council consists of a Mayor and eight Councillors, elected for a term of four years.

The positions of Mayor and Councillor are at-large elected officials, meaning that each person elected represents the City as a whole and not a particular ward or section of the City.

The Municipal Government Act sets out the powers of municipal governments. The Mayor is the Chief Elected Official of the municipality and has duties as both Councillor and Mayor. The Chief Administrative Officer (City Manager) of the City is in charge of day-to-day City operations and employees.

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City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month, unless otherwise stated.

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Strategic Priorities

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan outlines Council’s strategic priorities and is intended to communicate Council’s vision and goals to our community, and partners, and provide strategic direction to City Administration. The City Manager is responsible for executing on Council’s strategic priorities and establishing and reporting on metrics to measure Administration’s success in delivering on Council’s strategic priorities. Council is then responsible for evaluating this success and refining this Strategic Plan, as required.  


The City’s organizational culture will encourage and celebrate innovation, creativity, and multidisciplinary collaboration. We will empower individuals in our organization and community to present solutions to problems.
Economic Evolution
We will have a strong, diversified regional economy and an economic ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship.
Service Orientation
We will be intentional and proactive. We will understand and be responsive to our community and changing circumstances and people will find it easy to deal with the City. 
Partnerships & Governance
We will succeed through collaboration with our community and government partners and be a trusted partner in our community and region.
Community Wellness
People will love living and being in our City. Our community will be vibrant and lifelong residents and newcomers alike, from all walks of life, will feel a sense of security and belonging in Medicine Hat. 
Resilience & Sustainability
We understand the importance and interdependency of the success of our people, partnerships, environment, economy, and organization to accomplishing our goal of being a vibrant, sustainable, enduring community.

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