Mayor, City Council and Administration

City Council consists of a Mayor and eight Councillors, elected for a term of four years.

The positions of Mayor and Councillor are at-large elected officials, meaning that each person elected represents the City as a whole and not a particular ward or section of the City.

The Municipal Government Act sets out the powers of municipal governments. The Mayor is the Chief Elected Official of the municipality and has duties as both Councillor and Mayor. The Chief Administrative Officer (City Manager) of the City is in charge of day-to-day City operations and employees.

Council Code of Conduct (Bylaw #4492)

City Council meets every second Monday, unless otherwise stated.

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Strategic Priorities

City Council set the course for our organization in the Strategic Plan. The current plan identifies six strategic priorities to focus the limited energy and resources of the organization on those issues/initiatives that are most critical to the organization's success.

Fiscal Responsibility

We will be fiscally responsible in our decision making to support short and long-term sustainability of the City.
Economic Vitality
We will grow and diversify our economy with increased employment and industry and tourism investment opportunities.
Infrastructure Renewal
We will focus on managing aging assets to ensure quality and sustainable infrastructure.
Community Safety and Vibrancy
We will maintain the safety of our community and continue to build vibrancy and a high quality of life.
Sunshine Hospitality
We will capitalize on our recreational, cultural and natural assets to promote our community.
City Government
The City increasingly stands out as a well-governed and well-organized municipal corporation with a positive corporate culture.