Purchasing and procurement

As a municipality, we purchase many goods and services and offer opportunities for businesses to bid on projects through open competition processes.

Bidding opportunities

Bid opportunities generally fall into three main categories:

  • goods
  • services (including engineering/consulting)
  • construction

The City invites any interested vendor who can fulfill the bid requirements to submit a response. It is the vendor's responsibility to stay informed of City opportunities.

Obtaining a bid package
All competitive bid packages are uploaded on Bids and Tenders, including any/all addenda that may be issued. Vendors must register as plan takers to be able to download the bid opportunity documents and submit responses through the City of Medicine Hat electronic bidding system.
Responding to bid opportunities 

Instructions for submitting responses are contained in the bid package and include such terms as:

  • closing date/time
  • site meeting date
  • submission requirements
  • security requirements (i.e. bonds), etc.

Bidders are required to respond as instructed. The bid submission process is managed by the Bids & Tenders website. It is the sole responsibility of the respondent to ensure their submission is posted to Bids and Tenders prior to the stipulated closing date/time. The date/time of a submission is determined by the system's web clock. Late submissions are automatically rejected.

Opening bid submissions
Bid openings occur shortly after the stated closing date/time. All openings are non-public.
General conditions

Procurement regulations and standards

All procurements are subject to:

  • Canadian Free Trade Agreement
  • New West Partnership Trade Agreement
  • Canada European Union Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement
  • Internal governance in accordance with policies and procedures

To ensure health, safety and environment practices are adhered to, we also require all contractors to have an account with ComplyWorks and be designated as “Low Risk” status in order to be considered.

If you do not have an account or your account is not linked to The City of Medicine Hat, contact ComplyWorks Customer Support Services at 403-219-4792 or support@complyworks.com.