Unit 17 Power Generation Plant

Project description

The City of Medicine Hat is adding a generating unit (Unit 17) to the City's electricity system. This expansion is at the Unit 16 site.

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Project updates

The City will continue to provide updates throughout the process, from the planning phase through to project completion, on this page.

Unit 17 Groundbreaking Video 

Project details

The project is adding a natural gas combustion turbine generator to the City's electricity system. The proposed LM6000 simple cycle unit will:

  • Increase the City's total generation capacity by 44 megawatts
  • Act as a back-up power supply which ensures power is supplied to all customers should one of the largest generators fail
  • Include a heat recovery system for increased efficiency and selective catalytic reduction emission control technology to reduce NOx emissions and meet environmental approval requirements
  • The project will have minimal impacts to future land development as it will be constructed on City-owned land, next to the Unit 16 power plant that was commissioned in 2017.
Project schedule

Public and Stakeholder Consultation


Engineering Permit Support Study Phase


File application with Alberta Utility Commission (AUC)


File application with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)


Cost estimation contract


Present information to City Council


Construction Start

April 14, 2021

Gas flaring

February 25, 2022

Construction Complete

Spring 2022