Automatic Withdrawal

Automatic Withdrawal directly withdraws your balance from your bank account each month and is a convenient and reliable way to ensure your bill is paid.

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Please note: your account must be at a zero balance before you can sign up.

How can I apply?

To sign up, please contact Customer Service or visit us at City Hall.

Who can sign up for Automatic Withdrawal?

All residential customers are eligible.

What day will my payments be withdrawn from my account?

Your payment date will be the same each month, determined at the time of processing your application.

When can I apply?

You can apply for Automatic Bank Withdrawal at any time. The program runs from month to month and continues until you ask us to remove you, or a payment is dishonoured by the bank.

Dishonoured Payments

Dishonoured payments are subject to a service charge in accordance with the Dishonoured Payment Bylaw. Your participation in the plan may be cancelled.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing sets you up with equalized monthly payments for your utilities based on your previous usage and can be used with Automatic Withdrawals.

Budget Billing