Building and Renovating

A guide to getting started
Having your plans reviewed and work inspected by City staff will ensure that your project is done right. This will help to protect you, other people, and the value of your property.
Check permit requirements

The types of permits required for different types of construction or renovation projects vary depending on the project and location. However, cosmetic work or finishing projects often do not require permits. Before you begin, check the link below for information about your specific project.​

Home Improvement Projects

If your project is not home-related (i.e.: commercial or industrial), check the link below for information about commercial requirements.

Building a Commercial Space

Review permit fees

All permits involve fees, which are payable by the applicant. See permit fees below:

Fees and charges

Underground utilities

Depending on your building or renovating project, it may be vital to know where buried utilities are located on your property. Locates are free of charge but require at least three days notice.

You must provide utility locate slips with your application. To apply, visit the page below:

Line Locates


Apply online

To apply in person, visit:

Planning & Development Services
2nd floor, City Hall
580 1st Street SE
Medicine Hat

Types of permits

  • Depending on the project, you may need both a development permit and a building permit. Separate trades permits are also required for heating and ventilation, plumbing, gas, and electrical work.
  • Inspections may be required at various stages of your project. Your building permit conditions will include this information.
  • Plans for heating and ventilation, plumbing, gas or electrical systems are not reviewed prior to the issuance of permits, as Alberta Building Code compliance is verified during inspections. Homeowners and/or contractors are responsible for ensuring that design and construction meet Code requirements.

Development Permits

A development permit (DP) covers the what and where a development may proceed. It approves what type of development is allowed on a particular property, taking into account land use and setback issues of the City's Land Use Bylaw. DPs are issued by the City's Planning staff.

To learn more about development permits, visit:

Development Permits

Building Permits

A building permit (BP) covers how something is built. It allows the construction/demolition of structures contingent on meeting the requirements of the Alberta Building Code. BPs are issued by the City's Safety Codes Officers.

To learn more about building permits, visit:

Building Permits

Trade Permits

Trades permits are permits relating to specific skilled trades (electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical) which are required in building and renovation projects. To ensure compliance with all regulatory safety policies, these permits are issued only to qualified professionals who are licensed by the City of Medicine Hat.

To learn more about trade permits, visit:

Trade Permits

Homeowner Trade Permits

A homeowner trade permit allows homeowners to do a limited scope of work on their own home, such as electrical and plumbing work.

To learn more about homeowners' trade permits, visit:

Homeowner Trade Permits

woman operating a saw
Home renovation

Helpful information and required permits for most common residential projects.

apartment building in South Flats area
Residential infill

Planning to redevelop land in an older area? Here's info about permits, incentives and more.

generic land use diagram
Zoning and land use

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the types of development allowed in all areas of the city.