Collection Schedule

Residential garbage, yard waste and recycling is collected once per week, with each zone collected on a different day.

2024 Waste Collection Schedule and Zone Map

Or for a virtual view, check off the Garbage Collection Zones layer on the City's iMap.

Scheduled collection days advance with each statutory holiday or staff training day, so your collection may not always be on the same day of the week.

Consider signing up for the myMH portal to see information relevant to your property address, like when your garbage will be collected.

Recycle Coach

For real-time waste collection schedules and information, download the free Recycle Coach app on your smartphone or mobile device, or open the Recycle Coach website below. You can choose to receive notifications about schedule changes and reminders on your collection day. Reporting issues or submitting requests is easy with the in-app “Report a Problem” feature.

Open Recycle Coach