Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments for utilities, taxes and accounts receivable can be processed online through PaySimply. This secure, third-party payment provider applies a convenience fee to cover processing charges.

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Convenience Fees
Payment Method% of amount charged by PaySimply

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How do I make a payment?

Visit PaySimply

  1. With the City of Medicine Hat, you will have three options:
    • Medicine Hat (City) - Accounts Rec
    • Medicine Hat (City) - Taxation
    • Medicine Hat Alta, City of – Util
  2. Choose the bill you need to pay, Accounts Receivable, Taxation or Utilities.
  3. Enter your account details:
    • Email Address
    • Account Holder Name
    • Account Number
      • Accounts Receivable account numbers start with an 8 and are 6 digits.
      • Taxation roll numbers start with a 1 and are 6 digits.
      • Utility account numbers start with a 5 and are 13 digits.
    • Payment Amount
  4. Choose payment option and complete transaction.

Your account will be credited once the processing is complete in generally three to five business days.

Why doesn't the City of Medicine Hat accept credit card payments for utilities, property taxes or accounts receivables?

The costs to process credit card payments are high (1.8% per dollar). If approximately 50% of tax and utility customers paid by credit card, it would result in $2,430,000 in bank fees. These fees would have to be passed back to our customers through the annual tax rate. The increase in taxes to accommodate credit card fees would not be fair to customers that do not pay by credit card.

Can I pay my utilities, property taxes or accounts receivables with a credit card if I pay the transaction fee associated with it?

Yes, you can pay by credit card through PaySimply and they will bill you the transaction cost directly.

Does the City of Medicine Hat retain any of the fees being charged?

No, the fee that PaySimply assesses covers their cost of processing payments. The City does not receive any portion of this fee.

If I make a payment online with my credit card, how long does it take for the payment to go through?

Normal credit card processing times apply. Payments are approved instantly, and processing may take from 3 - 5 business days.

Is there a PaySimply mobile app?

Yes. On the app you can save your credit card to make convenient repeat payments, and setup
notifications to be reminded when your tax payments are due.