EnerGuide Home Evaluations

The EnerGuide Home Evaluation incentive is fully subscribed and applications for 2022 are no longer being accepted.

The EnerGuide Home Evaluation Incentive Program offers a rebate to encourage homeowners to learn how their home uses energy and what improvements can be made to increase their home’s energy efficiency.

An initial evaluation (pre-evaluation) provides a detailed report to help guide you along your retrofit journey.

What is a home evaluation?

An EnerGuide home evaluation is an in-home consultation by a professional that provides a personalized report with advice for improving your home's efficiency and help save you money on your utility bills over time!

Rebate Amount

HAT Smart will rebate up to $400 direct to the energy advisor.

Applicants are responsible for all taxes and any additional amount above the maximum rebate amount. If program funding has been fully exhausted, applicants are responsible for the full cost of the pre-evaluation.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is available to homeowners retroactive to December 1, 2020. It requires an EnerGuide home evaluation before the retrofit and then a post-retrofit evaluation once renovations are completed.

Application deadline

The EnerGuide Home Evaluation incentive is fully subscribed and applications for 2022 are no longer being accepted.

Application terms and conditions

The following Application Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions) establish the eligibility requirements and related terms and conditions for an application to the EnerGuide Home Evaluation Incentive Program (Program).

The application shall be subject to approval by HAT Smart. A completed application is neither a guarantee of eligibility for a rebate under the Program, nor payment of the rebate itself, and is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Program will be in effect from January 1 to December 31, 2022 (Term), or until a time in which Program funds are fully subscribed.
    • Applicants are eligible for one (1) rebate per residential address.
  2. The deadline for Energy Advisors to submit invoices is noon on January 10, 2023.
  3. The Program is designed to assist with the cost of a pre-evaluation for existing homes. An existing home is any home built more than six (6) months prior to installations, replacements, and/or upgrades.
    • Applicants are responsible for all taxes and any additional amounts above the maximum rebate amount and must pay the Energy Advisor directly. If Program funds have been fully exhausted, Applicants are responsible for the full cost of the pre-evaluation.
  4. To qualify for a rebate under the Program:
    • An initial EnerGuide Home Evaluation (pre-evaluation) must be completed by a certified energy advisor (Eligible Project); and
    • The pre-evaluation must be completed between January 1 and December 31, 2022, as evidenced by the date on the corresponding EnerGuide label and report.

      If your home had an EnerGuide evaluation by a previous owner, or your evaluation was conducted before January 1, 2021, you are eligible for a new pre-evaluation.
  5. To be eligible for a rebate under the Program:
    • Applicants must either receive a City of Medicine Hat residential Electric and/or Natural Gas utility statement for the Project address in their name or, for rental properties, be named as the property owner on the utility account; and
    • Eligible Projects must be completed by the property owner as confirmed through the City of Medicine Hat billing system.

      Residential customers living in a condo are not eligible for the Program if utilities are paid for through condo fees or by the condo association since the condo building itself would then be considered a commercial enterprise.
  6. Funds will not be reserved for this Program.
  7. Rebates are paid directly to the energy advisor.
  8. The Applicant is solely responsible for:
    • researching and ensuring they qualify under applicable eligibility criteria as outlined on the HAT Smart website; and
    • any direct or indirect taxes, duties, levies, fees, or like charges incurred as a result of participation in the Program.
  9. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that, as a result of projects completed as recommended by your energy advisor in their report, HAT Smart:
    • is not responsible for, and accepts no liability nor makes any representations with respect to estimated or possible energy savings;
    • is not responsible for, nor liable for, the selection, purchase, installation, and ownership/maintenance of the products included in the submitted rebate application; and
    • makes no representation or warranty, whether expressed, implied, direct or indirect, with respect to the products, services or other measures that the Applicant has purchased.
  10. The Applicant further agrees that:
    • the Eligible Project has been completed in the specified dwelling through a service provider;
    • that combined incentives from government programs shall not exceed 100% of Eligible Project costs;
    • to disclose rebate amounts received, or to be received, from complementary municipal, provincial, and/or federal government programs; and
    • any other rebate(s), discount(s) and/or incentive(s) offered and/or provided by any government agency, institution, manufacturer, distributor, dealer and/or installer are separate and distinct from the Program and HAT Smart shall not be responsible for the administration or payment of the same nor be responsible for the erroneous submission of other rebate(s), discount(s) and/or incentive(s) to HAT Smart.
  11. In submitting this application, the Applicant consents:
    • to the disclosure of personal information, as well as the rebate amount awarded to the Applicant, to HAT Smart, its contractors, employees, partners and others who have a need to know; and
    • to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of such information for five years, following which such information will be destroyed or made anonymous.
  12. HAT Smart reserves the right to change or terminate the Program at any time without notice or explanation. HAT Smart will use reasonable efforts to process a completed eligible application received prior to changes or Program termination according to Program requirements in effect on the date the application was received.