eUtility is a secure internet site in which City of Medicine Hat utility customers can:

  • View current and past utility statements (up to 18 months)
  • View billed consumption history
  • Request changes to their account
  • Enroll for eBilling (paperless billing)
  • View detailed consumption history from automated meters through Customer Connect
  • Receive an email notification instead of a paper statement
  • Receive a payment due reminder email 7 days prior to your due date

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Frequently asked questions: eUtility

Why sign up for eUtility?

eUtility is convenient, easy to use, and gives you the ability to access your utility information outside of regular business hours.

What do I need to register for my eUtility account?

You will need your customer ID number and your access code (found on your utility statement or sign on form).

top of utility bill

What is an access code?

Your access code is a unique number assigned to each utility customer in order to provide an extra level of security when logging onto the site.

Why do I need to enter identification? (Access code)

It is our priority to protect your privacy. This is a security feature to ensure only the account holder has access to their utility account.

Is the site secure?

Yes, the City of Medicine Hat strives to protect your privacy.

What kind of password do I use?

Your password must be at least seven characters. Choose one that is easy for you to remember.

I'm trying to sign on and nothing is happening?

If incorrect information is entered, an error message near the top of the page will populate. Correct the error and try again. If you are still having difficulty, please contact us.

What happens if I forget my password? Who do I contact?

Use the “forgot your password?” option on the Login page. An email will be sent to your inbox prompting you to reset it.

What if I have more than one account? Can I see all my locations with one account?

Yes, all accounts associated with your Customer number will be displayed. If you have multiple customer numbers, you can link them under one user name by going to Preferences > Manage Customer Accounts and register a new customer number to your account.

Every time I click on the word “Preferences,” I get brought back to the login page. What's wrong?

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accesses either by the web server or the client computer. If the path has changed, your computer memory (or cookies) may direct you to a different page. To clear cookies, you must clear your cache. CTRL+F5.

Frequently asked questions: eBilling

eBilling is paperless billing. Instead of receiving a paper utility statement in the mail, you receive an email notification that your statement is ready for viewing at the eUtility website.

Why sign up for eBilling?
eBilling supports going green conservation initiatives by eliminating paper waste. By signing up for eBilling, you are also saving the City of Medicine Hat money in postage, paper, and envelope costs. This money can then be used for other City initiatives to help better our community.
How do I set up paperless billing (eBilling)?
Once set up on eUtility, click the icon eUtility hamburger iconand “Sign up for eBilling.” You can also select eBilling during the registration process.
If I sign up for eBilling, when will I receive my first statement?
Once you sign up for eBilling, your next scheduled statement will be paperless!
How am I notified that my utility statement is ready? Is it attached to the email?

An email notification is sent to you indicating that the utility statement is ready for viewing on the eUtility web site. For security reasons, the actual utility statement is not attached to the email. The amount of the bill, the amount of the account, and due date are indicated in the email.

Example Bill 
Current Bill Amount: $000.00
You Currently Owe: $000.00
Please Pay By: Month DD, YYYY


What if I forget I received the email stating my statement was ready?
A payment due reminder is sent out one week prior to the due date. If you do not wish to receive the reminder notifications, you can choose to stop the alerts.
If I don't want to sign on for paperless billing, will I get charged a fee for a paper utility statement?
No additional fees will be charged for customers who want their utility statement mailed at this time, but there may be a monthly charge in the future.


Frequently asked questions: Customer Connect

Who can access and see their Detailed Consumption Data?
eUtility hamburger iconOnly those customers with automated meters and an eUtility account can view their detailed consumption history by clicking on the icon beside your account.
What information can I see?

Customers can view Daily, Weekly and Monthly data just by clicking on the symbols at the top right corner of the screen or by clicking on a specific day.

Daily Weekly Monthly icons

Will my consumption data displayed online match my bill?
Your consumption data shows patterns of your utility (electric, gas and water) use, taken at hourly intervals and displayed based on monthly consumption. Your bill, on the other hand, is based on your total utility use at the end of each billing period.
My hourly consumption graphs won't load? 
The consumption graphs require pop-up windows allowed. When prompted, choose to allow.

iPhones require you to turn off the “Block Pop up” setting.

How does a customer set their notifications?

Click on the Account Number in the upper right-hand corner of the program's landing screen and select User Profile.

Screenshot example of User Profile Screen

Under the title Notifications, choose Contact method among two message delivery options. To receive message on your portal, check the My Web Portal Account box. Or you may enter a valid email address by clicking the + Add Email button. You may enter more than one email address by each time clicking + Add Email button.

Under Threshold Notifications subtitles, click + Add Notification to select utility type for which you would like to receive alerts.

Screenshot example of Notification Screen

Here you would choose either Electrical, Gas or Water tab according to Commodity Type, then choose period (monthly or weekly) you would like to receive and alert and enter value in the Target field.

Screenshot example of Add Notification Screen

Click Save to confirm your choices.