Fixed Rate

Lock in a price of energy services on your utility statement. Each month, the charge is calculated by multiplying the amount consumed by the fixed rate. You can sign up for gas, electric, or both, and can opt out after six months.

Fixed Rate Application

Current Fixed Rate

The price is set on an annual basis and is adjusted each January.

The current fixed rate for electricity is $0.06800 per kWh and gas is $3.50 per GJ.

Market rate comparison
MonthElectricity Market Rate $ / kWhGas Market Rate $ / GJ

Fixed Rate



October 2021



September 2021



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May 2021



How do I sign up?

  • Visit City Hall
  • By calling 403-529-8111
  • By faxing the application form to 403-525-8696
  • Email the application form

Fixed Rate Application

Who is eligible?

Residential, small commercial and medium commercial customers in the Medicine Hat electric and gas utility service area are eligible for the fixed rate option.

Are there any fees or charges?

There are no fees or charges associated with opting in or out of the energy fixed rate.

How do I cancel?

Customers can opt out after the initial six month term by visiting City Hall or calling 403-529-8111.

Are there limits to how many times I sign up?

There are no limitations to how many times customers can opt in or opt out of the energy fixed rate. Whether opting in or out, please note that the new rate will become effective on the first day of the next Billing Period.