Fixed Rate

You have choice in your electric and natural gas commodity price.

  1. Market-based price calculated based on the average of the provincial rates approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (price changes monthly). Customers are charged market price by default.
  2. Fixed rate option to provide customers with a choice to lock in their energy rates (price may change annually). Customers must apply for the fixed rate option.

Lock in a price of energy services on your utility statement by choosing the fixed rate option. Each month, the charge is calculated by multiplying the amount consumed by the fixed rate. You can sign up for gas, electric, or both, and must commit to a minimum six month term that automatically renews until you opt out.

Please note there is a minimum six month term commitment when you sign up for the fixed rate.  Accounts remain on the fixed rate until a request is made to return to regular rates.

Fixed rate application

Current fixed rates
Electricity Natural Gas
$0.08 per kWh $4.35 per GJ

The fixed rate price is set on an annual basis and is adjusted each January.

Current market rates

The regular pricing structure for energy commodities is based on the average market rates approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

2022 Fixed Rate $0.08000/kWh $4.3500/GJ
September 2022 $0.15785/kWh $7.2120/GJ
August 2022  $0.17174/kWh  $6.6800/GJ 
July 2022 $0.14795/kWh $9.0940/GJ
June 2022 $0.11699/kWh $8.6990/GJ
May 2022 $0.10184/kWh $6.4410/GJ
April 2022 $0.10628/kWh $4.5940/GJ
Utility rate archive

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

Apply for fixed rates

Eligible customers can fix your electricity price, your natural gas price, or both. The minimum commitment is six months, which will automatically renew until you contact us to opt out. To sign up:

  • visit City Hall
  • call 403-529-8111
  • use online application form below

Fixed rate application

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

Residential, small commercial and medium commercial customers in the Medicine Hat electric and gas utility service area are eligible for the fixed rate option.

Are there any fees or charges?

There are no fees or charges associated with opting in or out of the energy fixed rate.

How do I know if I am on the fixed rate?

Your utility statement will indicate the words (Fixed Rate) beside the service that is on the rate. It is also indicated on the front of your utility bill, as well as in your email notification.

Once I apply, do I have to lock in my rates again after six months?

No, once your 6 month locked in time is over, it will continue on your account until you ask to be taken off.

How do I cancel?

Customers can opt out after the initial six month term by filling out the online form, visiting City Hall or calling 403-529-8111.

Are there limits to how many times I sign up?

There are no limitations to how many times customers can opt in or opt out of the energy fixed rate. Whether opting in or out, please note that the new rate will become effective on the first day of the next Billing Period.

Do I have to have both gas and electric? Can I go off/on one or the other?

You have full control of your pricing choices. You can be on either gas or electric, or both. 

How often do the fixed rates change?

Rates are reviewed each year and can change January 1 of the next year. Rates are included in the annual budget update that is typically presented to City Council for approval in November/December each year with an effective date of January 1.

I came on the fixed rates in 2021, do I have to call to change to the 2022 rates?

Once your first six months on the 2021 rates expires, you will be transitioned over to the 2022 rates.

Why can’t I keep the rates I signed up for?

You will keep the same rate for a six-month period (even if the yearly rate changes). After the initial six-month period, you will transition to the current annual rate posted. For example, if you signed up in October 2021, but the fixed rates change on January 1, you will keep your original rate until April 2022. Then your rate will automatically switch to the 2022 fixed rate that became effective on January 1. You can contact us to opt out in April once your original six months expires if you are not satisfied with the new rate.

What’s the difference between Budget Billing and Fixed Rates?

Budget Billing is a program where your monthly payments are the same amount each month, regardless of your billed amount. Then, once a year, your account is settled-up to bring your account to zero. On Budget Billing, you can still choose to be on the fixed rate or the monthly rates. This program allows for easier monthly budgeting. Learn more on our Budget Billing page.

Fixed rate pricing is where you opt to have the same energy and/or commodity rate each month, for the full year, instead of the monthly market rates. There is no settle-up with fixed rates.