Gas Application

Requesting a new gas service, or an alteration to your current service, is easy, but the engineering and design process is complex. We will work together with you to safely deliver natural gas to your property.

If you are a developer working on a new subdivision, please visit the subdivision planning page.

Your application will help us determine your service size, the meter configuration, and an appropriate cost estimate for your new gas service. In 2020, the average costs of commercial gas service was $4,400, ranging from $1,100 to $14,100. View our standard gas service charges.

Apply early

We begin engineering once we receive a fully complete, signed application form. View the Guide to Natural Gas Service for details.

We strongly recommend applying as early as possible to avoid a seasonal rush. Completing your gas servicing before freeze-up is ideal and additional costs apply to construction work done once frost conditions exist.

Standard commercial gas services and meter sets are available up to 9,000,000 btu/hr. Larger gas loads will require additional engineering design and procurement time compared to standard sets.

Apply for gas service installation

Application requirements

We require one copy of your surveyed and drafted site plan and mechanical drawings. The site plan must accurately show property lines, building locations, other service running lines and any of the applicant's facilities. These plans will be used to identify the location of the meter and regulator at the building, and to pick an alignment for the underground service.

Commercial fee

There is a non-refundable engineering assessment fee of $500 to apply for a commercial service. The assessment fee goes toward the initial design sizing to provide a quote for the applicant. If the applicant chooses to proceed with the work after receiving the quote, the assessment fee and associated preliminary design are incorporated into the final work and related charges.

Deposit required

Before new commercial/industrial installations can be put into service, we require a deposit.

Meter installation

We install, exchange, maintain and repair gas meters and equipment. We conduct testing mandated by the Government of Canada through Measurement Canada to ensure meters are properly calibrated to measure fairly.

Location of the meter

The applicant or contractor will suggest the location of the gas meter set and service line. Alberta Safety Codes Regulations state that a regulator with an internal relief vent must not be installed within one (1) meter of an opening window, door, dryer vent or fresh air opening.

Gas meter safety

Make sure your gas meter is visible and accessible at all times. Do not chain bikes or dogs to your meter set – this can cause damage to the equipment. Do not enclose or alter your meter set in anyway. Keep snow and ice clear of the meter set

You are responsible for the costs of relocating your gas service or meter in the event of a safety conflict you have caused.

Oops, I don't need a new service, I just want to sign on for utilities where I live

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