Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

In recent years, more and more homes have undergone energy efficiency improvements such as upgraded insulation, improved air sealing and the installation of energy-efficient windows, doors and heating systems.

In many of these homes, air infiltration through doors, windows and other openings in the building shell is random and does not always provide adequate ventilation, which is just as important in a conventional home as in a new home.

Even with an acceptable rate of air exchange, the fresh air may not reach the rooms where it is needed. As a result, mechanical ventilation is needed in many conventional homes to distribute fresh air evenly throughout the home and maintain a healthy living environment. An added benefit of mechanical ventilation systems is their capability to filter the incoming outdoor air.


To qualify for a rebate, Applicants must receive a City of Medicine Hat residential Electric and/or Natural Gas utility statement in their name, in addition to all other eligibility criteria listed under Determine eligibility on the Existing Homes Incentive Program main page.


All ENERGY STAR® certified HRVs/ERVs qualify for this incentive program, provided they appear on the list of ENERGY STAR® Certified Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators at the time of purchase.

Rebate amount

$1,000 per qualifying unit

Maximum rebate: $1,000 (1 qualifying unit)

Required documentation

Attach all required documentation for the HRV/ERV, as outlined below.

Omission of required documentation, and/or photos that do not clearly show the model and serial numbers for each unit, will result in an incomplete application, which will be declined by HAT Smart. A new application will be required and placed in the queue for processing based on the date it is received by HAT Smart. Payment may not be made if funds are fully subscribed.

ENERGY STAR® certification

To find proof of ENERGY STAR® certification, you will need the products’ Brand Name and Model Number.

Follow the link above and select the Brand Name under Model Criteria.

Once you've found your product, click on the model number to view product specifications. Download Model(s) and submit the spreadsheet with your final application.


All photos must clearly show the model and serial numbers for the qualifying unit.


All receipts and invoices must be dated between January 1 and December 31, 2024 and include:

  • A detailed description of the project/purchase*
  • Model and serial Numbers
  • Total costs

Proof of payment is required for each receipt/invoice.

* If details are not available on receipts/invoices, you must provide product information that clearly shows the product number, description and Program eligibility. This information can be obtained from either the retailer or the manufacturer’s website.

Other rebates

Confirmation of rebate amounts received, or to be received, from complementary municipal, provincial, and/or federal government programs.

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Frequently asked questions

How much energy will I save by upgrading my home’s ventilation system?

Refer to the Renovation Upgrade Report provided by your energy advisor.

What is a heat recovery ventilator?

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a ventilation device that helps make your home healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable by continuously replacing stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

What is an energy recovery ventilator?

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are a type of HRV that can exchange both heat and moisture.