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Thinking of starting a home project? Do the job right by visiting the links to common projects below. You'll find useful information such as permit and bylaw requirements, how to apply and how to book inspections.

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Homeowner trade permits

A homeowner's trade permit is authorization from The City to perform a limited scope of electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical (HVAC) work.

Homeowner trade permits

Do I need a permit?

Permits are required for renovation projects such as:
  • Any changes to a building's structure, electrical system or plumbing system
  • Adding a deck, garage or driveway
  • Adding a room or finishing a basement
  • Repairs due to fire or flood damage
  • Changing the exterior finish material of a house
Permits are not required for maintenance or cosmetic upgrades such as:
  • Painting, installing cabinetry, replacing flooring
  • Replacing roof shingles
  • Replacing windows of the same size
  • Replacing the exterior finish of a house with similar materials (e.g. replacing existing vinyl siding with new vinyl siding.)

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 Development permit vs Building permit

Development Permit

Ensures that the proposed development will not negatively affect the surrounding area and neighbours, taking into account the City's Land Use Bylaw regulations.

Building Permit

Ensures that the construction methods meet the requirements of the Alberta Building Code and other relevant safety regulations.

Depending on your project, you may need both a development permit and a building permit.

Residential infill projects

infill apartment buildingInfill development is replacing a home in an existing older area with a newer home, or building something new on vacant or underutilized land within an older urban area. If you are considering an infill project, you will find helpful information here:

Residential infill