Home Insulation

For optimal energy efficiency, your home should be properly insulated from the roof down to its foundation. This slows the rate of heat loss, resulting in improved energy use and can help save money by keeping warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.


To qualify for a rebate, Applicants must receive a City of Medicine Hat residential Electric and/or Natural Gas utility statement in their name, in addition to all other eligibility criteria listed under Determine eligibility on the Existing Homes Incentive Program main page.


Requirements specific to each area of the home are listed in the sections below. Be sure to read through each section to make sure you qualify.

Attic, flat roof and/or cathedral ceiling

Insulate a minimum of 20% of the total area of your attic, flat roof and/or cathedral ceiling.

Maximum rebate: $900 (total for combined roof/ceiling types)

Homes with low-sloped roofs* will receive 75% of the maximum eligible rebate.

* A low-sloped roof is one with a 3/12 pitch or less and the energy advisor must note it in the pre-evaluation report. For example: if the current R-value is 15 and the maximum final R-value attainable is 35, you would receive $225.


Achieve a total minimum insulation value of R-50.

Rebate amount:

  • $900, if current R-value is ≤ R-12
  • $300, if current R-value is R-13 ≤ R-25
  • $125, if current R-value is > R-25

Flat roof and/or cathedral ceiling

Achieve a total minimum insulation value of R-20.

Rebate amount: $300


Exterior walls

Increase insulation value to at least 20% of your exterior wall area, excluding foundation walls.

Rebate amount:

  • $1,650, if added R-value is R-7.5 ≤ R-12
  • $1,900, if added R-value is R-13 ≤ R-20
  • $2,500, if added R-value is > R-20
Exposed floor

Add a minimum of R-20 to the entire exposed floor area (minimum of 120 square feet), excluding crawl spaces. This can include overhangs and floors above unheated spaces such as an unheated garage.

Rebate amount: $175


Insulate a minimum of 20% of the wall area of the foundation, including basement and crawl space walls.

Maximum rebate: $750 (total for combined basement and crawl space areas)

Basement walls

Increase insulation value to at least 20% of your foundation wall area.

Rebate amount:

  • $525, if added R-value is R-10 ≤ R-22
  • $750, if added R-value is > R-22
Basement header

Seal and insulate at least 80% of your entire basement header area.

  • Increase insulation value by a minimum of R-20

Rebate amount: $120

Basement slab

Seal and insulate at least 50% of your entire basement slab.

  • Increase insulation value by a minimum of R-3.5

Rebate amount: $200

Crawl space

Increase insulation value to the entire crawl space’s total exterior wall area, including the header area.

Rebate amount:

  • $520, if added R-value is R-10 ≤ R-22
  • $650, if added R-value is > R-22
Crawl space ceiling

Add a minimum of R-24 to the entire crawl space ceiling (preferably with minimum continuous insulation).

Rebate amount: $400

Required documentation

Attach all required documentation, as outlined below.

Omission of required documentation will result in an incomplete application, which will be declined by HAT Smart. A new application will be required and placed in the queue for processing based on the date it is received by HAT Smart. Payment may not be made if funds are fully subscribed.


All receipts and invoices must be dated between January 1 and December 31, 2024 and include:

  • A detailed description of the project
  • Pre- and post-retrofit R-values for each area
  • Total costs

Proof of payment is required for each receipt/invoice.

Other rebates

Confirmation of rebate amounts received, or to be received, from complementary municipal, provincial, and/or federal government programs.

Rebate amount

Maximum rebate: $2,500 (for total combined insulation projects)

All rebates listed are the maximum amount you can receive for each area of the home you choose to insulate and will be adjusted by the total percentage of insulated area. Therefore, if you insulate 80% of the area, you would qualify for 80% of the listed rebate amount.

Semi-detached homes and row houses

Rebates are calculated by multiplying the listed rebate amount by the percentage of insulated area, then by one of the following:

  • 75% (semi-detached and end row-house units)
  • 50% (middle row-house units)

For example, if 100%* of the exterior wall insulation in a 4-unit row house is increased by R-10, you would receive the maximum rebate of $2,500.

  • End units: $1,650 x 100% x 75% = $1,237.50 x 2 = $2,475
  • Middle units: $1,650 x 100% x 50% = $825 x 2 = $1,650

* Rebates are pro-rated based on the percent of the total area that is insulated. Using the example above, if only 50% of the exterior wall insulation is upgraded, the rebate would be $2,062.50 ($2,475 + 1,650 = $4,125 x 50%).

NOTE: This calculation applies to exterior walls, exposed floor, basement/foundation and crawl space. Additional wall insulation between individual units does not qualify for a rebate.

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How much energy will I save by increasing my home’s insulation?
Refer to the Renovation Upgrade Report provided by your energy advisor.