Homeowner Trade Permits

A homeowner's trade permit is authorization from The City to perform a limited scope of electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical (HVAC) work in the applicant's own home.

If you are a licensed contractor and require a plumbing, gas, electrical or mechanical permit, visit the Contractor Zone.

Eligibility and limitations

To be eligible for homeowner trade permits:

  • You must be doing the work yourself
  • You must legally own the home and live there
  • You must be capable of performing the work in accordance with applicable safety regulations
  • It must be a detached home (not a condo building or other multi-unit development)
  • You must not be doing work in a dwelling unit that you do not live in (e.g. basement suite)


If you have no previous knowledge or experience with the type of work you intend to do, your best option is to hire a licensed contractor.


Homeowner electrical permits

For safety reasons, a homeowners electrical permit does not allow:
  • Installation or modification of the main electrical service, including the main panel, main breaker and the meter base
  • Electrical work requiring other than standard wiring materials
  • Work on systems over 100 amperes in capacity
  • Work on a three phase electrical system
  • Work on systems over 150 volts to ground
  • Electrical work involving a hot tub or swimming pool

A guide is available for homeowners doing their own electrical wiring work. See below:

Homeowner electrical guide 

Homeowner gas permits

Homeowners gas permits are only issued for individuals who are qualified gasfitters.

If you are not a trained gasfitter, you must hire a licensed gasfitter who is eligible to receive gas permits.

Gasfitters are properly trained in the installation, operation and maintenance of gas services.


How to Apply


To apply online for a Homeowner Trade Permit, click below:

Apply online

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In Person

Download and complete the forms you need and visit Planning & Development Services at City Hall. Or just drop by in person and we will assist you in completing the forms you need.



Both are required:


Both are required:


Both are required:

Mechanical (HVAC)

Both are required:

Payment Methods

Online or phone:

  • Visa or Mastercard


  • Debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)


  • Cheque

List of fees

Did you recently purchase your home?

If you have recently purchased the property you intend to work on, the title may have not yet transferred to you. This can delay your application for a homeowner trade permit. If you are unsure, have a copy of your purchase agreement to show proof of ownership when you apply.

How long will it take to approve a homeowner trade permit?

Permits are typically approved within 10 business days, provided all proper requirements have been met.

Line Locates

Utility Safety PartnersFor many projects, it is important to find out where the utility lines are. We will ask you for line locates when you apply for some City permits. Locates are free of charge but require three days notice.

Line locates

Contact Utility Safety Partners (formerly Alberta One-Call) to obtain:

  • Line locates ticket indicating City of Medicine Hat services (water, sewer, gas, electric), and
  • Utility locate slips from other Utility Safety Partners

Shaw line locates are only available from Shaw Communications. While recommended, the City does not require line locates for telecom companies such as Telus, Shaw or Bell.


Since City inspections are required for building and trades work, you must book inspections for your project. At the discretion of the Safety Codes Officer, most projects require rough-in and final inspections, depending on the complexity of the project.

When work has been concealed by drywall, you are required to uncover any work deemed necessary by a Safety Codes Officer to ensure compliance with the Safety Codes Act. Approval cannot be issued for concealed electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical work.

Book online

To book an inspection online, use one of the following options Do not apply with both:

Web form  OR  ePermit

Please review this user guide before booking with ePermit.

Risks when permits are not obtained

By not obtaining permits for work done on your home, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to potential future legal and financial issues when selling your property or making an insurance claim. There could also be consequences if you do not correct the situation, such as:

  • Enforcement action issued by a Safety Codes Officer.
  • A fine for building without a permit.
  • Having to undo work that has been completed.
  • Future legal and financial issues when selling your property or making an insurance claim.
  • Having to do more work than was originally planned and budgeted, to fix deficiencies.
  • Potential liability to you, the homeowner, in the event of an accident.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for paying any penalties, even if you hired a contractor who assured you that permits were not required.

Extending a permit

Permits have an expiry date. If you have already received a City permit for building, plumbing, electrical, gas or HVAC work, but are not able to complete the work during the time period, you may apply online for an extension of your permit.

  • You cannot extend a permit that has already expired.
  • You cannot extend a permit more than once.
  • You cannot extend a permit more than one year beyond the original expiration date.

Apply to extend a permit