Generating your own power is an environmentally conscious decision. Medicine Hat is well-positioned to support your success.

Renewable generation

We approve microgeneration facilities that generate electricity from solar energy.

You may qualify for rebates or subsidy for your new microgeneration system through the award-winning HAT Smart program. Find out more on the HAT Smart page.

Connection and installation

This guide outlines installation and operation requirements to ensure safe and effective connection of your microgeneration system to Medicine Hat's electric distribution system.

Any microgeneration system must be fully inspected and commissioned prior to operation.

Permit and fees

Homeowners considering installing a micro-generation system are required to obtain an electric permit. A non-refundable fee of $500.00 must accompany the application before it can be processed. Please view the current standard charges for the full fee for microgeneration.

How to apply

Obtain the necessary forms

You will need the following forms and information when applying for a microgeneration facility:

  • Application form – contains contact information and information related to the proposed system installation and the name of the electrical contractor/consultant (if required)
  • Installation guideline – explains the City's electric requirements for your micro-generator installation
  • Net billing agreement – establishes the terms and conditions under which the output of your microgeneration facility will be dealt with by the City of Medicine Hat
  • One-line diagram – provides detailed information regarding the source of microgeneration, inverter system and electric panel connection
Complete and submit your application
Original signed copies of the application form and net billing agreement must be returned to the office of the Electric Engineering Supervisor at 2172 Brier Park Place NW, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1S6.
Application review and approval

We will assign a Technologist to review your application. The Technologist will be your prime contact during the design phase of the project. If required, he/she will contact you for any additional information necessary to complete the application.

We will advise when a work order has been issued for construction.

Note: It can take up to four weeks to review your application.


An electric permit is required. Depending on the type of generation you are installing, you may also require a development permit. Your assigned Technologist will confirm required documentation.

If you are considering solar photovoltaic panels on your roof, the development permit could include a review of structural integrity of your roof.

Note: It can take up to six weeks to receive the permit(s).

If you are doing work outside corporate City limits, you may be subject to permits and regulations from other jurisdictions like Cypress County or others.


Once your microgeneration facility is installed, contact us to advise that you are ready to be connected. We'll confirm that the work order has been issued and schedule a time to test the inverter operational settings.

If commissioning is completed successfully, the existing utility meter is replaced by a bi-directional billing meter and you are authorized to connect your microgeneration facility to the electric distribution system. Since your installation may be associated to a HAT Smart Renewable Energy grant, we will automatically send a copy of your Final Electrical Inspection and the Commissioning Report to HAT Smart.