Micro-Generation / Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

Generating your own power is an environmentally conscious decision. Medicine Hat is well-positioned to support your success.

You may qualify for a rebate for your new residential micro-generation system through the award-winning HAT Smart program. Find out more on the HAT Smart page.

Renewable generation

We approve microgeneration facilities that generate electricity.

Other generation

Sources, other than renewable, are acceptable but will not be allowed to export.

How to apply

Getting connected with us is a simple five-step process. Use the following timeline to learn what you need to do and what we will be doing during that process.

Request a System Size Review
You (the micro-generation owner) will:

Applications should be submitted by homeowners, as the City will not provide your personal information to a third party without prior authorization.

Complete your System Size Review application

The Strategy and Analysis department will:
  • Review historical consumption data for the proposed project location to ensure that the system size complies with the Electrical Utility bylaw #2244.
  • Send an email to the homeowner stating the maximum allowable system size in kW (DC)

Consumption will be based on the following:

  • Existing properties: usage at the proposed installation site
  • New properties: usage from comparable sites

Estimated time: 10 to 14 business days

Obtain forms and required supporting documents
You or your contractor/electrician will review and obtain the following forms:
  • Micro-Generation / Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Guide – Explains City Electric requirements for your micro-generation installation and how to complete an application form.
  • System Size Approval - Completed by owner and shared with the contractor. This must show the "Maximum System Size (DC)."
  • Net Billing Connection Agreement for Micro-Generation – Establishes the terms and conditions under which the output of your micro-generation facility will be served by City Electric. Please ensure it is reviewed and signed.
  • Micro-Generation Single-Line Diagram – A template for Single Phase Grid-Dependent is provided with detailed information regarding the source of micro-generation, inverter system and electric panel connection. If this does not fit your setup, please provide your own custom single-line diagram with required information. The diagram must show all interconnection protection function requirements based on the system.
Manufacturer’s Equipment Data Sheet and Applicable certification document(s)
    - This includes inverter operational settings document, commissioning report c/w protection settings and operating manual. Inverter Documentation displaying compliance with the following:
    • CSA Standard C22.2 107.1 - Power Conversion Equipment, in particular standards respecting "Anti-islanding"
    • UL1741 Supplement A - Standard for Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use with Distributed Energy Resources
For combined heat and power unit, documentation verifying that the generator meets less than or equal to 418 kilograms per megawatt hour limit specified in the Micro-Generation Regulation.
  • Site Plan or pictures to illustrate the Micro-Generation location - (Only required if NOT roof top solar) Must show existing electric service to building (overhead or underground), proposed location of solar array, wind turbine, etc. and how DC/AC supply line will be installed to the residence/building. Must show location of disconnecting means.
Project initiation
You or your contractor/electrician will:
  • Submit a fully completed application form and all required documentation.
  • Pay a non-refundable micro-generation service fee as per City of Medicine Hat current standard charges. This fee is for our electric crews to install a bi-directional billing meter and evaluate the systems components to commission them. The same fee will also apply for any future changes made to the inverter(s) as recommissioning of the service will be required. The cost of the bi-directional billing meter equipment will be borne by the City of Medicine Hat.

Fill out the Micro-generation Application form

We will:
  • Assign an electrical technologist to review your application package. If required, you will be contacted for any additional information deemed necessary to complete the application.

Estimated time: three weeks

Application approval
We will:
  • Send you a Micro-Generation Design Approval letter by email
  • Send a copy of your Micro-Generation Design Approval letter by email to the Strategy & Analysis department
  • Issue the work order to Electrical Operations
You or your contractor/electrician will:
  • Obtain an Electrical Permit & Site Inspection Report
    • Ensure the inspection is completed by the electrical inspectors as per the permit requirements
  • Arrange for connection through our City Operations - Electric Customer Service at 403-529-8262 or elecdist@medicinehat.ca to advise you are ready to be connected
    • Email a copy of the Electrical Permit and Site Inspection Report
    • A scheduled time will only be completed after the above conditions are met
  • Obtain all other applicable permits/permissions that may be required from Planning and Development Services
    • This could include a review of structural integrity of your roof should you be looking at a photovoltaic panel installation or determining if a wind turbine installation is allowed on your site.
    • Contact the Safety Codes Inspection Department having jurisdiction to confirm requirements

Estimated time: six weeks

We will:
  • Confirm a work order has been issued
  • Confirm a copy of electrical permit has been received
  • Confirm the contractor has scheduled a time for testing of inverter operation settings

Estimated time: two weeks

Construction and commissioning
We will:
  • Meet at scheduled time for testing of the inverter or other operational settings
  • Replace the existing electric utility billing meter with a bi-directional billing meter, if commissioning is successful
  • Provide you and Strategy and Analysis with a copy of the Commissioning Report
  • Initially, on a monthly basis, read the bi-directional billing meter

Estimated time: one day

You or your contractor/electrician will:
  • Be required to turn on and test your micro-generation system prior to scheduled meter install, to confirm system is functioning
  • Be authorized to connect your micro-generation facility to the electric distribution system

Forms and additional information

Micro-generation application form

System Size Review application

Micro-generation / distributed energy resource interconnection guide

Net billing connection agreement for micro-generators

Micro-generation single-line diagram

Permit and fees

Owners considering installing a micro-generation system are required to obtain permits (electrical, development). A non-refundable micro-generation fee, as per current standard charges, must accompany the application before it can be processed.