Organic Waste

We encourage residents to divert organic waste from our landfill.

branches and leaves in waste cart
Yard Waste

We'll recycle the organic materials from your yard into an all-natural soil additive. Learn how to participate.

organic materials in compost bin
Backyard Compost

Backyard composting provides an almost constant source of free fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Icons representing organic food waste
Food Waste Pilot

Select residents across 15 waste collection routes will participate in the food waste collection pilot program. 

Medicine Hat residents have the option of subscribing for seasonal yard waste collection. Similar to the grey household waste carts, a green vented 95-gallon organic waste cart designed specifically for organic materials is used for this program.

Recycling your own yard waste into useable compost is easy, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. The Composting page offers step-by-step instructions to do it yourself. Or, consider purchasing the SureGrow Compost produced by the City of Medicine Hat. SureGrow is made, under strict environmental controls, out of the yard waste collected from the seasonal yard waste collection program.