Paying Your Utility Bill

The easiest way to manage and make payments on your utility account is to sign up for automatic withdrawal.

The electricity and natural gas rebate is an initiative of the Province of Alberta under the Affordability Action Plan
The City of Medicine Hat will administer the rebate using the criteria established by the province. The regulation specifies that rebates are to be provided to eligible electricity and natural gas consumers per “site” which is defined as “the main site that connects directly to the distribution system.” This means some condos, apartments, and other single-site multi-family dwellings may not be eligible under the regulation.

Icon of electric boltThe City will be reimbursed for credits applied only to eligible sites and cannot act outside the scope of the regulation.

Questions or concerns of eligibility on these rebates can be directed to the Utility Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 or for consideration.

Upcoming affordability relief measures
Bill 2: Inflation Relief Statutes Amendment Act was introduced on December 7. If passed, it will allow government to deliver critical broad-based inflation relief to all Albertans, with additional targeted supports for families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans. Learn more at

Directly withdraw your balance from your bank account each month.

Credit card payments for utilities, taxes and accounts receivable can now be processed online.

Sign up for eUtility

Paperless billing and account management for your utility account.

Two people discussing their bill.

Learn more about utility rates, how they're determined, what other fees and charges are included, and much more.

Understanding your utility bill

Ways to pay

  • Automatic Withdrawal on your monthly balance, or set balance with Budget Billing.
  • Through your bank
  • City Hall with cash, interac, or cheque*
  • Charted Banks, Trust Companies, Treasury Branches, and Credit Union Offices
  • Night Depository Box located at the west entrance to City Hall
  • Send a cheque to the City of Medicine Hat, 580 1 Street S.E., Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E6
  • By credit card through PaySimply

*Cheques payable to City of Medicine Hat. Please allow five business days for processing if paying at a financial institution or by mail.

Save on your bill

Rebates are available to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers each year.

HAT Smart

Community Warmth

Community Warmth can help if you are struggling to pay your utility bill. If you're able, you can donate to the program one time or monthly.

Community Warmth