Pet Licences

Licensing your pet helps ensure they will be returned to you if they ever wander off. Our Responsible Animal Ownership bylaw requires all dogs to be licensed annually.

New applications

Apply online

We're so thrilled our friends at the Alberta Pound and Rescue Centres (APARC) are settled into their new space at 3184 Gershaw Drive and will soon allow online applications for pet licenses. Once their online system is up and running, we'll include the link here.

Apply in person

How to apply:

  • Provide a copy of your pet's Spay/Neuter Certificate - proof of altering is required when getting the reduced amount.
  • If your pet is microchipped, provide documentation for a discount.
  • Fill out the appropriate application form:

Cat license application    Dog license application

  • Have cash, cheque or debit ready with the required documents and visit the Cashiers desk at City Hall.
  • A pet tag and receipt will be issued.

License renewal

Renewing your pet license can be sent by mail or by dropping off Renewal Form and payment in the Night Depository Box located at the west entrance City Hall. Pet tags are not replaced when renewing a license. Keep the original tag.

Required documents

  • Copy of your pet renewal notice
  • Payment: Cash or Cheque
  • If your pet is microchipped, provide documentation for a discount.

Lost tags

Lost tags can be replaced for $5.00. Please contact us if you require a new tag.

Pet license fees
3-6 months $15 / year
Spayed or Neutered

$15 / year

Not Spayed or Neutered

$50 / year

Spayed or Neutered: Lifetime


Spayed or Neutered with Microchip: Lifetime