Rental Properties

Owner's Release

When a tenant moves out and a property becomes vacant, the owner is automatically signed on to the utilities with no processing fee.

Owner's Release Application

The Owner's Release does not come into effect if the address is disconnected due to a tenant not paying their bills.

Release of Information

With the signed form below, account information such as potential disconnection of service or scheduled move out dates will be provided to you.

Release of Information, Residential   Release of Information, Business

Do I have to pay sign on fees if the property goes back into my name?

No. The purpose of the Owner's Release is to allow for continual utility service to a property should it become vacant. By signing the owner's release, you authorize the utilities to revert to your name should a tenant move out, and in return, the City will waive any sign on fees.

What kind of information is provided under a Release of Information?

When a utility account is scheduled for disconnection due to non-payment, the collections department gives advance notice to the owner of the property of a disconnect. This information assists the owner in determining if their tenant is still at the premises, or has moved out without informing them or the City of Medicine Hat. An owner may also request sign on and sign off dates.

No other information, financial or otherwise, about the tenants account will be provided.

As owner, how much notice will I get of a possible disconnection of utilities?

The City will provide at least 2 business days notice before the account is disconnected. When you sign up you can choose email, fax, or phone as your preferred method of contact. If there is no answer, we will leave a voicemail but no other attempt will be made after the first try.

What is the difference between Owner's Release and Release of Information?

An Owner's Release allows the property's utilities to be returned to the owner's name should a tenant give notice they are moving from the location. This provides continuous utilities to the location. Without an active utility holder on the account, the account is disconnected for vacancy.

A Release of Information allows the owner to be informed that the property is scheduled for disconnect due to non-payment, or specific dates of the sign off of utilities.