Rental Properties

Owner's Release

When a tenant moves out and a property becomes vacant, the owner is automatically signed on to the utilities with no processing fee, if they've signed an Owner's Release.

Owner's Release Application

The Owner's Release does not come into effect if the address is disconnected due to a tenant not paying their bills.

Release of Information

With the signed form below, account information such as disconnection of service or scheduled move out dates will be provided to you.

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What is an Owner's Release?

An Owner’s Release gives permission for the City of Medicine Hat to assign utility charges in the owner’s name during vacant periods of time without notice to the owner. This avoids reconnection costs and/or damage to the property.

Do I have to pay sign on fees if the property goes back into my name?

No. The purpose of the Owner's Release is to allow for continual utility service to a property should it become vacant. By signing the owner's release, you authorize the utilities to revert to your name should a tenant move out, and in return, the City will waive any sign on fees.

What is a Release of Information?

A Release of Information is an authorization by the utility account holder for the owner to be given certain information in regards to the utility account. The Release of Information is active when signed by the current utility holder and the owner of the property and returned to the City.

What kind of information is provided under a Release of Information?

When a utility account has been disconnected due to non-payment, the collections department will advise the owner of the property (the landlord) that the power has been disconnected due to nonpayment. This information assists the owner in determining if their tenant is still at the premises or has moved out without informing them or the City of Medicine Hat.

In addition to disconnection notification, an owner may also request sign on and sign off dates.

What other information will be provided to the owner?

No other information (financial or otherwise) about the tenant's account will be provided. The utility contract is between the utility account holder and the City of Medicine Hat.

As owner, how much notice will I get of a possible disconnection of utilities?

No advance notice will be provided. The owner will be advised once the disconnection has occurred.

How will you tell me this information?

The Release of Information asks for the preferred method of contact. It can be either email, fax, or phone. If you select phone and there is no answer, our staff will leave a voice message. No other attempt will be made after the initial try.

What is the difference between Owner's Release and Release of Information?

An Owner's Release allows the property's utilities to be returned to the owner's name should a tenant give notice they are moving from the location. This provides continuous utilities to the location. Without an active utility holder on the account, the account is disconnected for vacancy.

A Release of Information allows the owner to be informed that the property has been disconnected due to non-payment, or specific dates of the sign off of utilities.

As an owner, why do I have to pay the reconnect fee if my tenant skips?

Once a property is disconnected, the request for reconnection is charged to the person requesting the utilities be restored. This is either the tenant who did not pay their utility bill, but still resides at the premise, OR the owner who discovers that property has been vacated.