Risk Control

Our risk control team is dedicated to working with operational teams in monitoring, managing, and advising on risks associated to the treatment and distribution of the City’s drinking water and collection and treatment of wastewater. The team works diligently to manage the Cross Connection Control (CCC) and Source Control programs within the City of Medicine Hat.

tap water pouring into a glassRisk management is a constant process where new risks can emerge all the time, and the risk management team is committed to creating a culture where risk is appropriately and successfully managed, ensuring that risk management is an essential part to decision making and departmental activities. A risk management framework was established to support change and provide guidance on the departments’ method to managing both opportunities and threats within the unique business environment.

The CCC program is in place to protect the City and its consumers by enforcing the regulations in the Water Bylaw No. 2379, ensuring that backflow prevention assemblies are installed and routinely tested on all possible cross connections to the water distribution system. Compliance is monitored by the Cross Connection Control officers and administrators through a program called SwiftComply.

The Source Control program was designed to safeguard the wastewater collection system by monitoring discharge from industrial consumers to ensure compliance with the Sewer Bylaw No. 1541. As well, Source Control Officers routinely visit with restaurant and other business owners to review and confirm industry best practices are being followed with respect to grease trap cleaning, sump cleaning etc.