Solar Electric

The Solar Electric Incentive Program offers rebates to residential utility customers to purchase and install solar PV systems on their homes. The rebate amount is awarded based on the size (watts DC) of the installed system.

One of the best solar resources in Canada is in Alberta! Medicine Hat enjoys 330 days of sun each year. Our community is a great location to install rooftop solar PV systems.


To qualify for a rebate, Applicants must receive a City of Medicine Hat residential Electric utility statement in their name, in addition to all other eligibility criteria listed under Determine eligibility on the Existing Homes Incentive Program main page.


To qualify for a rebate:


Any deviation, whether increase or decrease, from the approved system size (kW DC or kW AC) must be approved by the City and the Utilities Distribution Systems Electric Engineering Department (Electric Engineering).

If the installed system size is larger than the approved system size, Electric Engineering may refuse to install the bi-directional meter until the system size is corrected and the rebate may be denied at HAT Smart's discretion.

Notification of changes

HAT Smart requires notification of all changes to the approved system size as this may affect the rebate amount for your project, as well as subsequent applications.

If a larger size has been approved and funding is fully reserved, the difference in the Rebate Amount will be placed in the queue for processing based on the date notification is received and may be paid out should additional funding become available.

Rebate Amount

$0.20 per nominal Direct Current (DC) watt
($200 per kilowatt DC)

Maximum rebate: $1,000

If your solar PV system is planned with a DC capacity that exceeds 150% of the inverter AC capacity, a written rational is required. HAT Smart reserves the right to fund only the installed capacity (kW DC) up to 150% of the inverter capacity (kW AC) at HAT Smart's sole discretion.

Required documentation

Attach all required documentation for the solar PV installation as outlined below.

Omission of required documentation, and/or photos that do not clearly show the panels and inverters, will result in an incomplete application, which will be declined by HAT Smart. A new application will be required and placed in the queue for processing based on the date it is received by HAT Smart. Payment may not be made if funds are fully subscribed.

Invoices and receipts
  • Invoice dated between January 1 and December 31, 2024, including:
    • a detailed description of the project
    • installed system size (kW DC and kW AC)
    • total cost
  • Proof of payment dated between January 1 and December 31, 2024

If details are not available on receipts/invoices, you must provide product information that clearly shows the product number, description and Program eligibility. This information can be obtained from either the retailer or the manufacturer’s website.

  • Panels
  • Inverters
EnerGuide Home Evaluation

The Existing Homes Incentive requires an EnerGuide Home Evaluation for any project under the incentive, including Solar PV installations.

Other rebates

Confirmation of rebate amounts received, or to be received, from complementary municipal, provincial, and/or federal government programs.

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Frequently asked questions

I applied for a rebate for installing solar panels on my home in a previous year. Can I apply for a rebate to add to my existing system?

Yes. Applications for additions to existing Solar PV systems will be accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If maximum HAT Smart funding was received in a prior program year, the application may not be approved.

I received a rebate for installing solar panels on my home through another government program. Can I apply for a HAT Smart rebate?

Yes. You can apply for funding through multiple programs. However, combined incentives from government programs must not exceed 100% of eligible project costs. Confirmation of rebate amounts received, or to be received, from other programs is required.

Do I need to hire professionals, or can I do this project myself?

To be eligible for a rebate under the program, your solar PV system must be installed by a qualified service provider.

Visit one of the websites below for installers/contractors serving Medicine Hat and area

I applied for, and received, a solar rebate for my present home, which I have now decided to sell. Can I apply for another rebate for my next home?

Yes. We track our rebates by residential address (through the utility account number), not by individual names. As long as it is under a separate utility account number, an application can be submitted.