The City provides electric, gas, water, sewer, garbage, yard waste and recycling services to the residents of Medicine Hat.

Utility rates

The 2022 electric rebate is an initiative of the Province of Alberta. 
The City of Medicine Hat will administer the rebate using the criteria established by the province. The regulation specifies that electricity rebates are to be provided to eligible electricity consumers per “site” which is defined as “the main site that connects directly to the distribution system.” This means some condos, apartments, and other single-site multi-family dwellings may not be eligible under the regulation.

Icon of electric boltThe City will be reimbursed for credits applied only to eligible sites and cannot act outside the scope of the regulation.

Questions or concerns of eligibility on these rebates can be directed to the Utility Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 or UCAhelps@gov.ab.ca for consideration.

2022 Fixed Rate $0.08000/kWh $4.3500/GJ
September 2022 $0.15785/kWh $7.2120/GJ
August 2022  $0.17174/kWh  $6.6800/GJ 
July 2022 $0.14795/kWh $9.0940/GJ
June 2022 $0.11699/kWh $8.6990/GJ
May 2022 $0.10184/kWh $6.4410/GJ
April 2022 $0.10628/kWh $4.5940/GJ
Utility rate archive

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

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Understanding your utility bill

How we compare

On average, City of Medicine Hat's residential customers paid $368.05 less than customers in other Alberta cities between January and June, 2022.

January to June 2022 Natural Gas Electricity Total
Lethbridge $944.02 $945.93 $1,889.95
Red Deer $1,070.75 $773.14 $1,843.88
Calgary $944.02 $877.03 $1,821.05
Edmonton $1,073.66 $859.93 $1,933.59
Average $1,008.11 $864.01 $1,872.12
Medicine Hat $751.64 $752.43 $1,504.07

Information is based on (1) residential consumption of 3,633 kWh (electricity) and 68 GJ (natural gas) from January to June; and (2) Energy charges on all residential utility bills. 

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Rebates are available to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers each year through the award-winning HAT Smart program. Explore the HAT Smart page to find creative ways to reduce consumption and save on your utility bill.

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