The City provides electric, gas, water, sewer, garbage, yard waste and recycling services to the residents of Medicine Hat.

Utility Rates

Your utility bill includes both utility charges and energy charges.

Utility Rates (water, sewer, solid waste)Set once a year for the entire year, and include all the other line items on your utility bill.

Energy Rates (electricity and natural gas): Depending on the rate option, these rates change monthly and are specific to the Electric Energy and Gas Commodity line of your utility bill.

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 Utility and Energy Rate Archive

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The choice is yours.

Choose from the default, fixed or variable rate when selecting your electricity and natural gas plans.

Energy Plans and Pricing

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Learn more about utility rates, how they're determined, what other fees and charges are included, and much more.

Understanding your utility bill

How we compare

On average, City of Medicine Hat's residential customers paid $312.17 less than customers in other Alberta cities between January and June, 2023.

This is due, in part, to Medicine Hat's lower distribution costs (including administration, service, distribution and MCAF fees). Learn about the additional fees at Understanding Your Utility Bill.

January to June 2023Natural GasElectricityTotal
Lethbridge $785.21 $1,079.27 $1,864.49
Red Deer $825.65 $912.39 $1,738.03
Calgary $758.74 $1,040.35 $1,799.10
Edmonton $837.36 $984.38 $1,821.74
Average $801.74 $1,004.10 $1,805.84
Medicine Hat $664.98 $828.69 $1,493.67

Information is based on (1) residential consumption of 3,533 kWh (electricity) and 67 GJ (natural gas) from January to June; and (2) Energy charges on all residential utility bills. 

Save on your bill

Rebates are available to City of Medicine Hat Electric and Natural Gas Utility customers each year through the award-winning HAT Smart program. Explore the HAT Smart page to find creative ways to reduce consumption and save on your utility bill.

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Community Warmth

Community Warmth can help if you are struggling to pay your utility bill. If you're able, you can donate to the program one time or monthly.

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