Waste Management Facility (Landfill)

pickup truck at landfill

Hours of operation

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday to Saturday

Sundays and holidays


Go eastbound on Industrial Avenue SE as road becomes Highway 41A. Just after Veinerville, turn north on Range Road 53 and follow for about 1.8 km. Scale House entrance is located on north side of the road.

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map of area around landfill

Located three kilometers off Highway 41A just past the city limits, the Waste Management Facility (landfill) is a non-hazardous class II facility consisting of:

Please note, disposal of household hazardous wastes is only available to residents. Commercial vendors must dispose of their hazardous waste through a certified service provider.

High winds notice

In high winds or extreme weather conditions, the landfill may limit the type of loads accepted or close entirely. Feel free to contact the landfill scale house at 403-527-1718 or Environmental Utilities at 403-529-8176 to confirm the facility’s operational status before heading out.

Download the Recycle Coach App to your Apple or Android smartphone to receive updates and messages about hours or program changes.

Acceptable materials


These items are accepted for disposal in the landfill (disposal fees may apply):

  • Basic sanitary waste
  • Construction/demolition waste
  • Clean concrete over four inches in size – no rebar or debris
  • Contaminated yard waste
  • Clean fill


These items are accepted for use in the compost operations (disposal fees may apply):

  • Contracted residential yard waste materials
  • Self-hauled residential yard waste materials
  • Clean wood material

Yard waste materials are used to make SureGrow Compost.

Recycling and diversion

Waste diversion is the practice of managing materials to reduce waste by providing opportunities to recycle and provide the storage, processing, packaging, and transport for the various divertible wastes.

These items should not be disposed of in your household garbage or recycling since they require special handling. Bring the waste types listed below to the City’s Waste Management Facility for safe and proper disposal, recycling and/or diversion:

Keep all HHW, paint, oil, pesticide etc. in the original container or clearly label the materials in a leak-proof package.

HHW disposal is only available to residents. Commercial vendors must contract a certified provider for disposal.

Disposal Fees

The minimum tipping fee for chargeable waste up to 100kg is $8 per vehicle. Weights over 100kg will be subject to additional fees. Disposal fees are posted in Waste Bylaw #1805 as well as the Recycle Coach App.

Important notes to remember:

  • Regular disposal rates apply to ALL mixed loads that include chargeable items.
  • No GST is charged on Waste Management Facility disposal fees.
  • Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit or debit cards.
  • Composition of waste loads is highly variable. The operating staff has final say about the acceptability of any material and the charges applied to each load.
 Rates - Effective January 1, 2024
Commodity (waste) typeRateDescription
Asbestos $175 per tonne plus special handling fee 24 hours notice required before hauling.
Contact Scale House. Includes site prep, operator time and equipment for burial.
Asphalt $25 per tonne  
Appliances containing Chlorofluorocarbon / Freon (CFC’s) $20 per item Refrigerators, air conditioners etc. without a sticker.
Basic sanitary waste $90 per tonne Residential, commercial, institutional mixed waste.
Batteries (all types - single use, rechargeable, cell phone, 12v vehicle) No charge Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd); Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH); Lithium Ion (Li-ion); Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn); Alkaline, Lithium Primary etc.
Bulky items $15 per item Mattresses, box springs, sofas, etc.
Clean fill (contractor hauled) $21 per tonne Soil free of contaminants, no mixed loads.
Clean fill (residential) No charge Soil free of contaminants, no mixed loads.
Concrete (< 4" - clean) $125 per tonne Concrete larger than 4 inches in size with no debris or rebar, no mixed loads.
Concrete (> 4" - clean) $25 per tonne Concrete less than 4 inches in size with no debris or rebar, no mixed loads.
Construction and demolition waste Basic sanitary waste tipping fee Insulation, contaminated drywall or concrete, treated lumber, renovation materials (tiles, electrical materials, doors, windows, ceiling tiles, carpet), etc.
Cooking oil (residential quantities only) No charge Used cooking oil, grease in small quantities.
Drywall (clean) $25 per tonne Non-contaminated drywall, no mixed loads.
Electronic waste No charge Printers, CPUs, keyboards, monitors, laptops, notebooks, televisions (full list can be viewed on Alberta Recycling website).
Household hazardous waste (HHW, residential quantities only) No charge Household items with the WHMIS symbol (toxic, corrosive, reactive, combustible), small compressed gas containers (cylinders for camp stoves, party helium), compact fluorescent lightbulbs [CFL], propane tanks and bottles.
Metal (excluding light fixtures containing ballasts) $25 per tonne Stoves, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, metal sinks, swing sets, barbeques, small appliances, Freon appliances with CFC's removed sticker, etc.
Motor oil (residential quantities only) No charge Used lubricating oil, filters, containers.
Paint products (residential quantities only) No charge Latex and oil-based interior/exterior paint, finishing oils, stains, varnishes, aerosol paints, empty containers (100mL to 24L).
Soil (contaminated) Basic sanitary waste tipping fee Soil contaminated with hydrocarbons that meet analytical requirements.
Special waste Not accepted Drugs, medical waste, livestock renderings, firearms, ammunition, etc.
Tires No charge Automotive, ATVs, bicycles.
Unsecured load surcharge $20 per load Added to scale ticket each time an unsecured load is observed by the scale operators.
Waste requiring special handling $65 per tonne Any waste that requires additional handling, incorrectly declared to scalehouse, or poses a nuisance to normal Landfill operations.
Wood (clean) $25 per tonne Lumber, non-contaminated or non-treated (creosote) wood, no mixed loads.

Yard waste - contaminated (containing garbage or bagged in plastic)

Basic sanitary waste tipping fee Yard waste materials mixed with garbage or bagged in plastic bags.
Yard waste - contractor hauled (no contamination or plastic bags) $25 per tonne Grass clippings, plant material, tree branches, etc., no mixed loads.

Yard waste - self-hauled residential (no contamination or plastic bags)

No charge

Grass clippings, plant material, tree branches under 300mm (12”) in diameter, no mixed loads.

 Apply for commercial access and billing

Safety and environment

  • Be aware of equipment, large trucks and other vehicles within the facility and on access roads.
  • Please keep children and pets inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Tarp or cover all open loads to reduce litter and avoid possible fines.
  • Facility staff have your safety in mind! Follow all direction provided and obey their authority while on site.
  • Obey all signs.
  • Please no smoking while on site - fire is a significant hazard at any landfill.
  • Removal of material from disposal areas is unlawful, unsafe and could result in fines.
  • Unload your materials as quickly as possible to allow the next customer time to unload.
  • Keep the transfer bin area clean by placing all loose items inside a bin.
  • When unloading at the materials recovery area (HHW, e-waste, paint etc.), deposit items in the appropriate location to avoid contamination.

General information

What is a landfill?

A landfill, also referred to as a "dump," is a large depression in the ground (like a crater) where solid waste (garbage) is disposed of. Medicine Hat's municipal landfill is one of the last few remaining natural coulee fill landfills.

The landfill working face is continually compacted and covered. Compaction minimizes oxygen flow and increases landfill airspace while the cover is a regulated component used to limit litter and control environmental nuisances.

Industrial waste cell

open pit for dumping industrial waste at a landfillThe City of Medicine Hat's industrial cells consist of leachate collection systems and a bottom geomembrane liner in combination with a geo-synthetic clay liner system. These systems act as the barrier between the leachate and the soil and groundwater.

The Waste Management Facility accepts non-hazardous industrial waste and oilfield waste that meets specific requirements. Disposal must be pre-approved through Secure Energy Services.

What happens to diverted materials?

recycling area for household hazardous wasteMetal waste is sold to a scrap metal recycling company that breaks down the item into recyclable components.

Old tires, HHW, e-waste and paint are collected and transferred to the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) for proper and safe disposal or recycling. Old tires are broken down and repurposed to build playground or spray park surfaces and sidewalks. A TV can be broken down into plastic, glass and metal to be sold to a buyer/processor that recycles the products into new TVs or various other materials.

Protecting our landfill

By diverting as much waste as possible away from the landfill, we can extend its life and avoid having to build a new landfill. Incorporate the four Rs into your daily routine to reduce the amount of waste you are sending to the landfill – reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.