Water and Wastewater

We supply safe, clean drinking water to Medicine Hat and area residents that is well within the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and the “License to Operate”, issued by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.

Water  Water Service Bylaw #2379

Sewage and Wastewater

The City ensures treated wastewater meets all safety and environmental standards.

Sewage and Wastewater  Sewer Bylaw #1541

Cross Connection Control Program

The purpose of the CCC Program is to help prevent harmful chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants from flowing back into the potable water supply.

Cross Connection Control Program

Basement Water and Seepage

Ground water seeping into basements can cause significant water damage to property and be costly for homeowners.

Basement Water and Seepage


Resident and non-resident service charge $1.0450 per day
Resident consumption rate (in-city) $1.2766 per m³
Non-resident consumption rate (out of city) $1.5278 per m³ 
Resident and non-residential service charge $1.8134 per day
Non-resident consumption rate $1.8942 per m³ water

Rates effective as of January 1, 2024