We are Medicine Hat

When our businesses thrive, our community thrives. Meet some of the local entrepreneurs in our city. 

For the Love of Animals

Two local veterinarians open full-service vet clinic in northwest Medicine Hat.

White Horse Rider

Local artist and entrepreneur finds healing through crafting, gifting, and storytelling.

Journey To Health

Local health and wellness entrepreneur celebrates over 31 years in business.

The Best Hour

Local entrepreneur opens downtown’s newest CrossFit gym.

Year-round Market

Dealership turned market promotes local vendors and artists.

Diversity in Super Steel

Multi-generational family business celebrates nearly 50-year milestone.

Golf Technology Expansion

Local golf course builds new facility on driving range to accommodate year round fun.

Community Appreciation

Local businessman excited for new developments and opportunities in the downtown core.

The Sweet Life

Downtown welcomes home-based cheesecake business.

Reduce with Roots

Local entrepreneurs open Medicine Hat’s first refillery service.

Growing and Expanding

Local preschool celebrates five years in business and expands to larger facility.

Southlands Commons Breaks Ground

10-year vacant lot breaks ground for new commercial development.

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