Alleyway Artisan Village

Owners, Carrie and Ian Sand, Moose and Squirrel Artisan Village.June 28, 2021

Inspired by the growing vibrant downtown, Ian and Carrie Sand officially opened the Moose and Squirrel Artisan Village on June 20. 

“Medicine Hat is evolving and becoming a prime tourism hub in Alberta,” says Ian. “You can feel the change happening all around us and the community is hungry for creative and fresh businesses.”

Having just relocated from Vancouver Island, the couple said the arts and culture community in Medicine Hat closely resembles that of their hometown in B.C. The natural beauty and atmosphere of the community encouraged their decision to embrace the up and coming Albertan city.

“To be honest, it feels like it’s ripe. You see new businesses taking over the city, and there is so much opportunity for more,” says Ian. "I know we will see more outdoor gardens, patio restaurants and bars. It’s going to explode here.”

Their successful downtown neighbours and the new waterfront district development were motivators behind their choice to re-purpose the outdoor space they are now situated.

“We fell in love with the downtown core when we first visited and we especially love 2nd Street,” says Carrie. “You have all of these locally owned businesses that the community is very supportive of and when the Waterfront District progresses, it’s going to drive even more residents and tourism to the area.”

The Moose and Squirrel offers buttermilk ice cream also available in gluten-free and dairy-free options. All the product is locally sourced in the Foothills, Alberta. The artisan village venue located in between two heritage buildings also plans to host local events, DJ’s and live music.

“We were thrilled to be able to work with so many local businesses like A-Phase Electrical and Contracting, Billy Blocks, Flag 5, Baumann’s Plumbing and All In One Landscaping.” says Ian. “Anytime we had a complication throughout construction, they all worked with us and were able to quickly adapt. It felt comforting to know they were as invested in our business as we were.”

The Moose and Squirrel Artisan Village is located at 651 2nd Street SE and can be found online at



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