Beautiful, Busy Bistro

Rosewood Bistro owner, Sourav Saha. December 6, 2021

Rosewood Bistro owner, Sourav Saha, opened the doors to his business on February 14, 2021, during a world-wide pandemic. He hosted a Valentine’s Day dinner, where he sold tickets before the event, and the whole night he served a full house. Since then, the community support has remained strong.

“When the pandemic closed indoor dining, people wore jackets and toques to sit on the patio and eat freshly cooked meals,” says Saha. “The community is very supportive, and some guests still come in five times a week. The support we’ve received has been extremely heartwarming.”

Saha has hosted many events in his bistro, from live music to fundraisers. Recently, he collaborated with local non-for-profit, Our Collective Journey, where they sold approximately 70 tickets at a price of $100 a piece. The event sold out, he was compensated for his costs, and Saha was serving a full house again.

In October 2021, Saha was a participant in Savour the Southeast, where eateries are invited to create dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Since Saha already had menu items using ingredients from Douglas Meats, The British Banger Company, Mammoth Microgreen and Redcliff Bakery, he was happy to partake in the city-favoured event.

“I see it as a two-way street – people support me and then I support other local businesses in our community as much as I can,” says Saha. “Savour the Southeast brought in so many guests. We almost sold out of our home-made pizza, so I ended up changing the special to a steak dinner to accommodate the community.”

Saha has been a chef since 2007 and has worked in India, Lake Louise and owned restaurants in Toronto. He worked as a chef in Medicine Hat before deciding to open his business earlier this year.

“Medicine Hat is a beautiful, family-friendly city,” says Saha. “I feel so blessed to receive all the community support that I do. Seeing families and friends come on a weekly basis enjoying the meals I create is very heartwarming.”

Rosewood Bistro is located at 403 N Railway Street, Medicine Hat.



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