City begins annual gas infrastructure inspections

Medicine Hat – The City of Medicine Hat has begun the annual leak survey and infrastructure assessment on its gas distribution network. Each year, trained contractors inspect critical infrastructure to evaluate and maintain the integrity of the natural gas delivery system.

This year’s survey includes 9,346 residential and commercial services, including Redcliff, plus the highlighted areas on the map below in Medicine Hat.

Line map of Medicine Hat showing areas that will be inspected in green

Access to the exterior of each property is necessary. Due to the quantity of infrastructure being examined, it is not possible to seek permission from each property owner prior to entering their yards. The City’s contractor will be in and around each yard surveying pipe, risers, regulators, meters or more. Contractors will carry City of Medicine Hat photo identification at all times, which will be presented upon request.

The City of Medicine Hat thanks residents for their understanding and co-operation as the necessary inspections are completed to ensure the continued safety and reliability of the natural gas delivery system. Inquiries may be directed to the Gas Distribution office at 403-529-8190.

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