City invites community to public engagement open house

Medicine Hat – The City of Medicine Hat is inviting residents to connect, engage, and share their perspectives on various local initiatives during a public engagement open house event at City Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 1, from 4 to 8 p.m.

This in-person engagement event is designed to foster a collaborative environment between City staff and community members. The aim is to provide insights, gather feedback, and encourage community participation in new and ongoing projects that shape the future of Medicine Hat.

The departments and projects involved in the public engagement include:

  • Community Development – Community Well Being Plan
  • Environment Land & Gas Production – Environmental Framework
  • Environmental Utilities – Source Control, Cross Connection in Wastewater Collection System
  • Municipal Works - Transportation Master Plan
  • Parks and Recreation – Facilities for the Future, Outdoor Enjoyment
  • Planning and Development – Strong Towns, Land Use Bylaw
  • Utility Distribution Systems – East Ring Enhancement Project

The open house format allows informal interaction where all attendees can engage in discussions that interest them the most. It's an opportunity to ask questions directly to those involved in the forefront of the city's development and services.

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