City’s Project Clear Horizon awarded pore space evaluation rights

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Medicine Hat – The Government of Alberta has announced that the City of Medicine Hat’s Project Clear Horizon is one of 19 successful applications in the second competition to enable the development of an environmentally-safe carbon dioxide storage hub in the region.

Project Clear Horizon will evaluate the potential viability of a Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) hub in the general Medicine Hat area. The Clear Horizon Carbon Hub is intended to be structured as an “open” hub whereby local carbon-based industries will be able to sequester their produced carbon. The presence of an “open” hub in the region will sustain and promote economic vitality for the region while achieving significant emissions reductions.

“The Government of Alberta's announcement is an encouraging first step towards the development of a CCUS hub in southern Alberta and achieving the associated benefits for our region, including with respect to business retention and expansion. We are still in evaluation and an evaluation phase, but we believe Medicine Hat is very well-positioned and we are excited get started on confirming that,” said Mayor Linnsie Clark.

"The success of this application is indicative of the strategic planning and excellent work of our highly qualified City staff. Medicine Hat has proven itself to once again be in the forefront of development in Alberta's energy sector," said City Councillor and Energy and Infrastructure Committee Chair, Alison Van Dyke.

"Yesterday’s announcement represents a significant achievement in our effort to capitalize on emerging energy opportunities and reduce emissions,” said Brad Maynes, Managing Director, Energy and Infrastructure. “We believe that Project Clear Horizon may lead to an economically viable solution that allows the region’s industrial facilities to achieve significant emissions reductions toward meeting Canada’s ‘net-zero by 2050’ target.”

The City will continue working with the Province of Alberta to further evaluate Project Clear Horizon’s suitability for injecting and storing carbon dioxide. Following success of the evaluation program, the City would be invited to apply for a sequestration agreement, which will grant the rights to inject carbon dioxide into the allotted pore space and ensure open access to all emitters in the region.

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