Council Highlights March 18 2019

Jace Anderson, Executive Director of the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), provided Council with a presentation on the DMO’s 2018 Annual Report. Mr. Anderson summarized the activities and accomplishments of the DMO in their effort to promote Medicine Hat as a tourist destination.

Following a public hearing sponsored by the Municipal Planning Commission, City Council postponed the Public Hearing and the 2nd reading of Bylaw #4503, a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #4168, the Land Use Bylaw to April 15th. The Bylaw will implement policies identified in the Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan, including the re-designation of the property from Community Service (CS) to Direct Control (DC).

City Council received through Administrative Committee information on the emergency replacement engine for Unit 10 that occurred in September 2018. To minimize the risk of electricity service loss to the City’s business and residents, and to ensure that revenue losses were minimized, a new engine for Unit 10 was purchased under the emergency purchasing provisions of the City’s Procurement Policy.

Through Development and Infrastructure Committee, City Council received for information an update on Snow and Ice Control Management thus far this winter.

City Council received for information through Public Services Committee the 2019 goals of the Social Development Advisory Board, as well as the goals for the Arts & Heritage Advisory Board.

The minutes of the Police Commission Meeting of February 21, 2019 were received for information.

Councillor Julie Friesen acknowledged Karen Charlton’s final City Council meeting as Commissioner of Public Services. She reflected on her contributions and thanked her for her service to the City of Medicine Hat over the past 41 years.


Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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